Mark Wahlberg to reprise his Marky Mark persona and reunite with The Funky Bunch? Well, he didn’t exactly rule it out. A TMZ reporter (albeit not a very clued up one) collared him after an event at a Virginia high school and managed to ask Wahlberg if he’d be up for performing in a one-off reunion concert in aid of the victims of the Boston bombings and once Mark had reminded the reporter that the group were called The Funky Bunch and not The Fun Bunch, as he had erroneously uttered, Wahlberg came up with an open-minded, if not entirely committal “why not?”

There you have it, folks, Mark Wahlberg clearly can’t see any reason why The Funky Bunch should NOT get back together to support such a cause, so until we hear otherwise, let’s just assume that they are. We’ll get started on printing all the one-off Funky Bunch reunion t-shirts, shall we? The band, for those not in the know, had a relatively short-lived career, between 1989 and 1993 and landed a number one hit in 1991 with Good Vibrations. When they split, Mary Mark went on firstly to have a solo career and then became a pretty successful movie actor, with films such as Boogie Nights, The Fighter and The Lovely Bones under his belt.

So, would the other members of The Funky Bunch be up for such a reunion? We can’t see why they wouldn’t be. Now then, Scottie Gee, DJ-T, Ashey Ace, Hector the Booty Inspector – what’s it to be? 

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg: might have to lose this formal look if The Funky Bunch reunite