Mark Wahlberg almost lost a movie role because of a fight with Madonna's friend.

The 'Contraband' actor - who is known for his wild past, including a prison term for assault - claims he was accused of ''bulls**t'' actions that nearly led to him missing out in a part in his 1994 breakthrough film 'Renaissance Man'.

He said: ''I almost didn't get the part. I got into a fight at a party in LA with three guys and broke a guy's nose. It was a few of Madonna's people, so she called the f**king cops on me. Told everyone this bulls**t story that I was doing s**t that I wasn't. Penny Marshall [the producer] called me saying, 'What the f**k did you do?', but then she was like, 'F**k that, I'm giving you the part anyway.'''

These days, Mark is much more settled and prefers the quiet life with his family, particularly enjoying watching emotional films with wife Rhea Durham and their four kids, Ella, eight, Michael, five, Brendan, three and two-year-old Grace.

He said: ''I'm an emotional guy. I went and saw 'The Help' with my wife and I must have cried 10 times. Watching 'Real Steel' with my sons got me. When the kid turned to his father and said, 'I just wanted you to fight for me' and the father's neglecting the kid, I looked at my son and I said, 'Would Daddy fight for you?' and he turned to me and said, 'Yes'. You know?''