In a surprising statement on 'Live with Kelly & Michael', Mark Wahlberg touches on some family drama revealing that his mother Alma is currently giving him the silent treatment, for reasons as yet unknown.

While Alma Wahlberg is the matriarch of a particularly large and successful family, it seems it's not always easy to get along. 'Lone Survivor' star Mark Wahlberg opened up to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on their chat show about recent conflicts when he was asked if his mother helped him choose his grey suit. 'My mom's not speaking to me right now', he revealed, though didn't elaborate.

In a bid to lighten his mood, Kelly suggested that she may just have her hands full with his seven other siblings, whose careers have been significantly overshadowed by the youngest child's Hollywood breakthrough. 'It's because you're doing well', Kelly insisted. 'The mother always likes the one whose doing least well the most.'

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Mark jokingly responded that he should perhaps relax his acting career a little, replying, 'Oh that's it, I gotta do that.' Even in spite of his successes over the years, he has always maintained that he has never let his achievements change him as a person, even suggesting that his tough mother was the main reason for his modesty. 'Obviously, I am still the same at the core', he has said previously. 'Just because you have money doesn't really change you.

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'Listen, I've always thought that at any time it could all go away and I could end up right where I came from. I have a lot of people keeping me grounded: my wife, my mother and my friends.'