Mark Wahlberg struggled with filming an "embarrassing" nude scene for his new film 'Me Time'.

'The Departed' star shed his clothes on screen for the first time in years for his role in the new comedy opposite Kevin Hart - in which he plays a fun-loving friend who helps Kevin's character discover his wild side - and was left wearing nothing but his shoes as he filmed a scene showing his bare bum.

Mark told The Hollywood Reporter: "Day two was great because I got to put my clothes back on. Day one was rough. I was only wearing sneakers. It was a bit embarrassing but other than that it was all good. It was just such a fun environment. You know, I mean, I never laughed so much in my life."

In the movie, Kevin plays uptight stay-at-home dad Sunny who is pushed out of his comfort zone with the help of his fun-loving friend Huck - played by Mark.

Kevin revealed the character was very different to his real life persona. He added to the publication: "I was the class clown. I’m a guy that wanted to laugh. Without laughter, I felt like something was missing. So all trouble came from doing the thing that you weren’t supposed to do in class.

"But it was always done in a loving way, not in a malicious way. I loved being the guy who was responsible for people smiling in those classrooms, in those hallways, in the cafeterias. It’s something that really did get me through the younger portion of my life."

'Me Time' is released on Netflix on August 26.