In comedy Daddy’s Home Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are reunited, five years after they first paired up for action-comedy The Other Guys. In the film Wahlberg plays Dusty, a father competing for the affections of his children with their stepfather Brad (Ferrell). But although the pair are on-screen rivals Wahlberg couldn't be happier to work with Ferrell again.

Mark WahlbergMark Wahlberg stars in Daddy’s Home opposite Will Ferrell.

Speaking about landing the role Wahlberg said, “They called and said ‘Hey, would you like to work with Will again?’ And we absolutely had a blast together and I just thought it was a really funny part and a very different dynamic.”

“Anytime I get to work with these guys I jump at the opportunity, there's not too many guys out there like him," Wahlberg continued. “Working with Will is just such a pleasant experience he's just such a nice guy his comedy comes from such a good place, he just enjoys making people laugh.”

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While Wahlberg’s CV is full of other funny flicks, such as Ted, he is perhaps best known for his more dramatic roles. But the actor doesn't see any difference in how he approaches a comedy film compared to a drama. “I don't approach it any differently then I do a drama,” Wahlberg said.

“I try to be as believable in the character as possible, its just these circumstance are pretty outrageous so a lot of humour comes from that and also from the level of commitment to the circumstances.”

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“I just try to make Dusty come to life and make it as realistic as possible and try to stay in that headspace throughout the whole process.” But while Wahlberg’s character might seem like the film’s bad guy at first, Wahlberg believes audiences will still find a reason to root for him.

“I usually lean more toward the bad guy,” Wahlberg explained. “I'm playing it in a way were it’s hard to root against the guy cause he is being sincere and he genuinely loves Brad and they both learn a lot from each other. So in the end you want to root for them to come together more than one guy winning over the other.”

Watch the trailer for Daddy’s Home below: