When the Transformers: Age of Extinction production team set the story in China, with Chinese actors, and banked on an overseas release, they were clearly making a focused effort to appeal to loyal fans of the franchise in the country. It paid off in the very first week, with the film’s Chinese release vastly outpacing the American one.

Bumblebee, Transformers
How does Michael Bay keep finding an audience for these things?

According to China Media Group, via CRI, Transformers: Age of Extinction has made $134 million in its first five days of hitting the big screen in China. Meanwhile, its first week in the US has registered just $121 million. Still a success for Universal, but these numbers seem like the herald of a cultural shift, at least with regard to movie sales. The film debuted with a $100+ million weekend in the US and, despite a projected 60% drop rate for the second weekend, it is expected to hold on to the top spot at the box office this coming three day period, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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