Mark Wahlberg was such a cocky thief in his youth he once stole the same car 15 times. The Planet Of The Apes star and his pals used to cruise around Massachusetts in the same stolen Monte Carlo - because it was so easy to steal. He reveals, "We'd pop the tilt steering and he (owner) never got it fixed. "We're hanging around, we're hooking school... and we'd go take the car, we'd drive around and we'd hide it by my house for a couple of days and they'd find it, he'd get it back, we'd go an take it again. "There was no radio or anything... but it was a good means of transportation and most of the time, when he found it, there was more gas (in the tank) than when we took it. "One time he actually came out in the morning... and the poor guy tries to block the driveway and I'm not gonna stop and I'm not gonna get out because the guy's upset and obviously this has been going on for a while." The car stealing is one of many incidents Wahlberg regrets from his troubled past. He adds, "A woman asked me, 'Would you like to pay all the people back for all the stuff that you stole, all the damage that you caused?' I said, 'If I did, I'd be broke, my kids wouldn't go to college.'"