Marla Maples, the former wife of real estate mogul Donald Trump insists she wasn't dumped by the star - she "moved on" of her own accord. The pair married in 1993, later divorcing after six years of marriage and one child, Tiffany, now 13 - but actress/model Maples hasn't let the marital feud sour her feelings towards the businessman. However, the star is keen to refute the widely-held belief she was ditched by Trump. Speaking on U.S. TV show Larry King Live, she says, "Every time I hear dumped, I laugh. Because I was in a relationship with him for close to 10 years and the lifestyle was just too hard for me, to be very honest with you. "I wanted a very different life to raise my daughter in. And I had to move on. I had to move on and create a space that wasn't in the center of the world and the tabloid world. I would never say he was dumped. It does take two. But it was time. It was always a tough relationship. But when you love someone, you stick it out and you do everything you can to really hope it's going to work. "I'm not a quitter. I will always love him. I will always love Donald. You just don't go through life with someone. I spent a third of my life with this man."