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It Won't Be Soon Before Long
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Maroon 5 It Won't Be Soon Before Long Album

Now then, how do you manage to top a best selling album that spawned a number of hit records? Maroon 5 have the answer, and it's called 'It Won't Be Soon Before Long'. Whilst no end of bands find it hard to match previous success, produce mediocre follow ups, or simply fall by the wayside, Maroon 5 make it all look so very easy. Whilst there are many musical snobs who think that you can't be a great (or even competent) musician and be in a pop band, Maroon 5 have the perfect retort, with this wonderful collection of songs. Yes, Maroon 5 do play pop music, but they also take in their influences, blend these with superbly crafted songs, add their own great musicianship, and top this off with world class production, to (once again) come up with a stunning album that sounds so effortlessly smooth.

The first few bars of opening track 'If I Never See Your Face Again' sum up the entire album, namely, super slick funky pop. Indeed, this track, along with others such as 'Little of Your Time' and 'Wake up Call', are great uptempo numbers, and any one of them could have been the first single. That honour went to 'Makes me Wonder', and those of you who've heard this on the radio, know what a great single it is. Personally, I think they could have gone with any of them, as they are all equally on a par with 'Makes me Wonder'. The album kicks off with these upbeat tracks and just as Maroon 5 get you in a dancing mood, they take it down a level with what are some real melancholy songs, and although they may still have a mid-tempo beat, both 'Won't go Home Without You' and 'Nothing Lasts Forever' could bring a tear to your eye, if you were in a lovesick mood. This whole album is just crammed full with outstanding songs, so much so, they even add two bonus tracks 'Until You're Over Me' and 'Infatuation' which could have easily graced the album, or even been potential singles. Maroon 5 certainly dispel any thoughts of them being a one trick pony, as there's songs for every occasion, here, from happy and upbeat numbers, songs for melancholy lovers and even a couple of piano ballads. This is a fantastic album from start to finish!

Gary Williams

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