Adam Levine Singing Live'It Was Always You' is one of the most unique tracks in Maroon 5's catalogue

'It Was Always You'
Released as the second promo single for V, 'It Was Always You' is delightfully haunting and explores a brand new electronic vibe for the band. It was produced by a production duo by the name of The Monsters and The Strangerz, and you may recognize them as they've done tracks like Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Tonight I'm Getting Over You' and Big Sean's 'Beware.' What they bring to Maroon 5's V is refreshing and much desired, and they also produced another V track, 'Coming Back For You.'

It's not a Maroon 5 record without some risque lyrics, and 'Animals' is chock full of'em. Talking about being inside of people and preying on them, it's a track that would be creepy if anyone else sung it. Overall, it all gets pretty intense - but that's the kind of Maroon 5 that strives the best. 'Animals' is one of the standout songs on V and Levine's vocals are out of this world in the chorus - and the insanely pop chorus just happens to be one of their strongest in a long time. It's produced by Shellback and proof that Maroon 5 can stick to their regular formula and still churn out quality songs.

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'New Love'
'New Love' should have been codenamed 'Next Big Hit' in the studio, because that's exactly what it sounds like. Ryan Tedder is back running things when it comes to writing and production, because heck, why not? Only this time, 'New Love' blows 'Maps' out of the water. Even better: it doesn't have much OneRepublic influence - it sounds like a true Maroon 5 track through and through, and it's simply a fantastic pop track with amazing hooks. If any song on V is going to be the next 'Jagger,' it will absolutely be 'New Love.'

'My Heart Is Open'
Okay, this one is kind of a big deal. Adam Levine links up with Gwen Stefani on 'My Heart Is Open' - a beautiful, piano driven ballad, and both Levine and Stefani sound like they were made to sing together. The vocals complement each other with ease, and it brings V to an end on what acts as the band's best closer yet. What 'My Heart Is Open' proves is that whether V brings them another massive hit or not, they've still got what it takes to remain relevant in the mainstream for a very long time.