Martha Wainwright is hoping to repair relations with her dad by writing a "make up" track. Wainwright's relationship with her father - singer/songwriter Loudon Wainwright III - deteriorated in 2004 after the release of her song Bloody Mother F**king A**hole, which she wryly claimed was inspired by his poor parenting. At the time she explained, "For most of my childhood Loudon talked to me in song, which is a bit of a s**tty thing to do. Especially as he always makes himself come across as funny and charming while the rest of us seem like whining victims, and we can't tell our side of the story. As a result he has a daughter who smokes and drinks too much and writes songs with titles like Bloody Mother F**king A**hole." But the 31-year-old reveals her anger has subsided a little, and she's now thinking of a musical reconciliation. She says, "I should. I need to get good at writing making up songs."