You wouldn’t have thought that Martin Clunes could have had too many complaints after insurance company Churchill dropped him from their adverts, in light of the actor being banned from driving for a year. However, according to The Guardian, the star has come out in the print edition of the Radio Times with a scathing attack on the company.

"I was very surprised by their reaction," he reportedly said in the interview. "It was neurotic and very heavy-handed. Quite rude, actually, They never said goodbye. They never said thanks. They washed their hands of me completely." We’re not sure Clunes can really complain; why would a company want a man banned from driving to be advertising car insurance? Oh well.

At least Clunes has plenty to get on with whilst he sits out his ban. He’s currently filming a new series of Doc Martin, a comedy in which he stars as the title character, a brilliant vascular surgeon who develops a fear of blood and ends up taking a post in a quiet seaside village. Clunes told the Radio Times that he does the show to subsidise his farm that he owns. "I imagine there will come a time when television withdraws itself from me," he said. "I'd really like the farm to wash its face. That's still a way off. I do quite like the ewes, especially when they're pregnant, and when you get that first bleat from the newborn lamb, it's pretty good."

Martin Clunes dropped from ads

We can't imagine Clunes is no nearly as good terms with the Churchill dog these days