Ever wondered how the hell Father Christmas does it? He starts off in the North Pole, and gets presents to every kid by the time they wake up. Don’t even start to think about timezones, as you may start to unravel something deep and dark.

Saving SantaMartin Freeman voices Bernard - an Elf on a mission to save Santa

Luckily, Saving Santa answers our questions. But not before Santa faces a real threat to his Christmas Eve routine, something the plucky Elf Bernard – voiced by Martin Freeman – has to stop. Twice. See, evil forces are hell-bent on discovering the secret of Santa’s sledge.

Just how does a man that big travel across the globe in time for breakfast? The secret is revealed, and it’s up to Bernard, who is in charge of cleaning the reindeer’s stables, to time travel and save Santa.

But Bernard manages to invent a little contraption that leads Neville Baddington right to Santa’s grotto, after another curious elf managed to break it anyway. Baddington wants to use Santa’s secret for his own business. Now he doesn’t just have to save old Saint Nicholas - the entire magic of Christmas is up for grabs!

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The fun-filled Christmas adventure also stars Tim Conway and is the directorial debut of Leon Joosen, the acclaimed animator behind The Little Mermaid and Space Jam.

Saving Santa has all the ingredients of a Christmas classic: a plucky elf, an adorable Santa, a bad guy with ‘bad’ in his name, and of course, a happy ending. We’re predicting the happy ending bit, but come on, it’s a Christmas movie!

Saving Santa is due out on November 29th in the U.K. It will be released on DVD, Blu Ray and 3D Blu Ray on December 2nd and available for Digital Download December 6th.

Check out these fantastic pictures from the film below!

Neville BaddingtonNeville Baddington wants to steal Santa's secret and use it for his own gain - what an evil guy

Martin Freeman Saving Santa
So it's time for Bernard to kick into action

Santa in Saving Santa
Santa's sleigh has a secret, which we can't let get out!

Saving Santa reindeer
No Christmas film is complete without reindeer

Saving Santa film still
Bernard has to take a lead role to save Santa

Saving Santa Christmas film
Family fun is basically guaranteed, isn't it