Martin Kemp hadn't picked up a bass for 20 years when his daughter asked him to play with her.

The Spandau Ballet rocker - who recently reunited with 'Gold' hitmakers Tony Hadley, Gary Kemp, Steve Norman and John Keeble - hadn't touched his favourite instrument in over two decades until his daughter asked him to help her with a song she was writing.

He said: "In my heart of heart I never thought we would reunite. But one day my 20-year-old daughter Harley, who has started writing songs and recording, asked me if I would play on the tracks for her.

"So I went out and bought a bass and was playing it for the first time in 20 years. Six months after that, we were talking about reforming Spandau."

Although Martin cites his daughter as the reason behind the reunion, frontman Tony says it was British TV star Shane Richie who forced them to put years of animosity behind them and plan their return to the music scene.

He told Britain's Hello! magazine: "There was a little part of me that always hoped that one day I could get over what happened. Funnily enough, Shane Richie was the one who pushed me on the radio by constantly urging, 'When's the band getting back together?'

"Because Shane is a massive Spandau fan. So just to shut him up one day I said, 'Okay, we are getting back together again - yes, the 30th anniversary.' Move forward two years and here we are. We are really happy. Genuinely, we are getting on very, very well, which is lovely."