Martin Sheen will be joining son Charlie Sheen as part of the cast on the new FX sitcom Anger Management, taking on a role that shouldn't stretch the veteran actor too much - as he will be playing his on screen dad.
Sheen the elder will introduce his character during an episode set to be aired in mid-August, during which he will apparently be imitating Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now, a film that Martin also stared in.
Martin will be included into the mix should the programme be picked up for another 90 episodes, which it most likely will do. The show, which has been averaging around 13.4 million viewers per episode, is due to be picked up for a further 90 new episodes, but only when its current 10-episode run concludes, FX President John Landgraf has assured viewers.
Whilst some sceptics might thinks that the inclusion of Charlie's dad to the show is only so he has someone monitoring his situation, Sheen the younger has assured TV press that there is no reason to keep an eye on him, because he's doing just fine.
Following his infamous meltdown last year, during which Charlie was fired from Two and a Half Men after launching a tirade against the show's creator Chuck Lorre, there was doubt as to whether Charlie would work again. However he has since reassured viewers and the shows creators saying: "it was a ride no one wants to take . . . including me. I'm not insane anymore."