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12th May 2015

Quote: "I don't binge watch - I don't have the facilities. I don't own a computer... I'm still in the last century." Veteran actor Martin Sheen, who stars in new Netflix series Grace and Frankie, confesses he is technologically challenged.

7th January 2013

Quote: "She's an extraordinary woman... I already voted for her." Veteran actor Martin Sheen hopes his old pal Sally Field lands the 2013 Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as America's former First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's historical epic Lincoln. The nominees will be announced on Thursday (10Jan13).

5th February 2012

Fact: George Clooney and Martin Sheen are to team up onstage for a one-night-only production of Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black's new play about gay rights. Rob Reiner will direct the duo and co-stars including Jane Lynch, Yeardley Smith, George Takei and Jamie Lee Curtis in 8, which will hit the stage at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles on 3 March (12).

9th January 2012

Fact: Martin Sheen, Reba MCEntire, Rob Lowe, Helen Hunt, Rita Wilson and Edie Falco are among the stars who will trace their family history during the upcoming season of NBC's genealogy TV series Who Do You Think You Are?, which premieres in America on 3 February (12).

23rd December 2011

Tweet: "My folks are celebrating 50 years of marriage today! How often do you see that in Hollywood? Way to go Martin and Janet!" Actor/director Emilio Estevez congratulates his father Martin Sheen and mother Janet on reaching the milestone wedding anniversary on Friday (23Dec11).

2nd March 2011

Quote: "He has no right to do that, it's judgment and I have no interest in that. I don't care if it's my father or a man down the street or someone who fell out the sky, I don't care, he has no right to do that. Back off!" Charlie Sheen has urged his father Martin Sheen to quit airing his concerns about his son's troubles via the media after the veteran actor publicly compared the Two And A Half Men's addiction battle to a form of cancer.

26th August 2009

Fact: Susan Sarandon is the latest big name to join the star-studded cast of the upcoming Wall Street sequel MONEY NEVER SLEEPS. Michael Douglas, Frank Langella, Shia LaBeouf and Martin Sheen are all confirmed to be in the new film. Sarandon will play LaBeouf's mother in the movie, which is slated to begin filming later this year (09).

7th May 2009

Quote: "I've never changed my name officially. I never have and I never will. In my heart, I am still Ramon. I love the name. I would never give it up." Martin Sheen still prefers his birth name, RAMON ESTEVEZ.

24th March 2009

Quote: "From the time they were very small, they've always referred to me as Peach - go figure. They had a name. Because I was always quoting Shakespeare so they used to call me Grand Peachual, which they shortened to Peach. So even now, I get a phone call saying, 'Hey Peach, how you doing?' and it's one of those guys." Martin Sheen's adult grandchildren have an unusual nickname for their beloved grandfather.

19th March 2008

Fact: Martin Sheen reunited with his former West Wing onscreen wife Stockard Channing on Monday night (17Mar08) when she presented him with the Stella Adler Studio Of Acting Marlon Brando Award in New York.

12th December 2006

Fact: Martin Sheen had never used a computer before he started his English Literature degree at Galway's National University Of Ireland in September (06).

27th April 2006

Quote: "(She's) a young woman in trouble. My heart goes out to her." Martin Sheen talks about his soon to be ex-daughter-in-law Denise Richards' bitter divorce from his son Charlie Sheen.

24th January 2006

Quote: <p>"I'll be lucky enough to have three jobs in my life that were earmarks for me. And that was TERRY MALICK's BADLANDS, Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now and Aaron Sorkin and JOHN WELLS' THE WEST WING." Martin Sheen is delighted by his back catalogue. </p>

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