Country singer Martina McBride is leaving her family home in Nashville, Tennessee and moving to Los Angeles so her teenage daughter can pursue a career in acting.
The This One's for the Girls hitmaker is taking a risk and supporting 14-year-old Emma's dreams as she tries to break into the industry and MCBride insists she is excited to see what the summer has in store.
In a blog on her official website, she writes, "Our family is getting ready to embark on a great adventure and I wanted to share it with all of you. We are moving to Los Angeles for the next few weeks! My middle daughter, Emma, has always wanted to try her hand at acting and so we have enrolled her in a couple of acting classes and workshops in LA this month (Jul12) so that she can see if it's something she wants to pursue.
"This could be the beginning of realizing her dream, which is a beautiful thing. I know how supportive my parents were (of me) at her age and how they did everything possible to help me be able to sing wherever and whenever I could and I'm happy we can do the same for her... I have a feeling something really magical is going to happen, not only for Emma, but for all of us."