Cancer survivor Martina Navratilova, British actress Helen McCrory and singer Macy Gray are among celebrities lending their support to a new breast cancer awareness campaign.
The stars are urging fans to wear a special Ralph Lauren t-shirt branded with the Pink Pony logo to promote the organisation's 10th anniversary.
Navratilova, who won her battle against the disease earlier this year (10), is calling for women to have more check-ups so doctors can detect cancer early.
She tells Britain's Marie Claire magazine, "The treatment was the hardest part. Now, I want to use my experience to raise awareness and emphasise the importance of having routine scans and regular check-ups."
Harry Potter star MCCrory is pictured wearing the t-shirt on the set of Martin Scorsese's new film Hugo Cabret. She says, "We have to take the same advice we would give a friend. If something feels wrong get it checked out."