Marvin Humes can't wait to watch football with his son.

The JLS singer and his wife Rochelle Humes - who already have daughters Alaia-Mai, six, and Valentina, three, together - are expecting their third child, a baby boy, and though Marvin loves hanging out with his girls, he's excited about having someone to talk about ''male things'' with.

Asked what he's looking forward to doing with his son, he said: ''The stereotypical thing of going to the football.

''I'm always playing football with my girls in the garden so I hope they get into it, but I'm looking forward to having that daddy-son time when we can talk about male things, and not just glitter, hair and makeup.

''It's very female heavy in my house. There's lots of pink and unicorns.''

The 35-year-old star admitted thinking about football has brought back the realisation he'll be tackling the ''nappy stage'' again soon.

He said: ''Chelsea [FC] sent a little congratulations package for the girls with two footballs, Chelsea kits and a bunch of nappies. It made me realise that we're going to be back in the nappy stage soon. It's mad. Valentina was out of nappies at two so it's really easy to leave the house now.

''In a few months, we'll be back to making sure we have a serious bag packed.''

Rochelle has always wanted a son, so Marvin is thrilled they are expecting a boy.

He told OK! magazine: ''Don't get me wrong, I actually wanted to have a girl first time around so I could have that daddy-daughter thing.

''But Roch has always wanted the mummy's boy thing. So for her, it's amazing because she's now getting the son she's wanted.''