Review of The Breakthrough Album by Mary J Blige

Mary J Blige
The Breakthrough
Album Review

Mary J Blige The Breakthrough Album

I'd heard good things about Mary J Blige's new album however I was dubious about how good it would be after reviewing 'Be Without You' which although it was classy lacked that street punch from her earlier stuff. However having listened to the 'The Breakthrough' it is perfectly placed in what is truly an outstanding album. 'Be Without You' is a piece of chic r'n'b but the rest of Blige's latest addition is exceptional and continues a remarkable catalogue and shows she's truly ahead of the game.

There's all the street soul in this album we've come to love about Mary and there's no stopping her soulful cries of angst, passion and now a matured sense of purpose. She's survived and grown to be one of the world's most amazing singers. She's unrelenting, powerful and completely contemporary. This album moves with a fluid that intoxicates, uplifts and shows the best of American r'n'b production. She's got some great artists on here also like Raphael Saadiq,, JayZ and even a duet with U2. 'The Breakthrough' builds up with different paces all with a black musical sound that makes great listening. You can't help but be moved by the vibe of the tracks, that hit straight to the soul and soles of you feet. It's got such a great feel good factor.

This album is excellent and shows Mary J Blige truly wearing the crown of soul music. There isn't a bad track on here and it all adds up to an enjoyable and invigorating listen that could be played again and again. This is a must for pretty much every type of record collection and deserves worldwide acclaim.

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