R+B superstar Mary J Blige is reliving an embarrassing TV incident concerning her ex-boyfriend CEDRIC 'K-CI' HAILEY in the forthcoming promo for her new single ENOUGH CRYIN'. The NO MORE DRAMA hitmaker, 36, and former Jodeci bandmember Hailey, also 36, dated for six years before splitting in 1997. Blige has since found love again with her husband/manager Kendu Isaacs. Blige appeared on British chat show THE WORD in the mid-1990s - several years before the couple ended their rocky relationship - declaring she was engaged to the K-CI AND JO-JO star, which Hailey had denied on the same programme only a week earlier. In the forthcoming video, Blige replays the heartbreak while rapper 50 Cent poses as her R+B singer boyfriend. Blige explains to MTV.com, "The video is something that happened a long time ago, and it was a very embarrassing moment when I thought I was getting married. "I was engaged, and I actually went on a talk show overseas and that person had just done that talk show about a week before me. I was telling the interviewer that I was getting married, and the week before he was saying that it was a rumour. He wasn't marrying me. It was a disaster that really embarrassed me." 50 Cent adds, "I'm actually playing CJ - you know, short for CURTIS JACKSON (50's real name). He's an R+B singer, and he's aggressive. When he's questioned by the guy interviewing them, he kind of loses his cool."