Mary-Louise Parker joked that she was 'goaded' into going nude for a scene on hit US show 'Weeds'. The episode aired in 2009 and was the season finale of series four, however, Parker spoke about the experience after recently filming a sex scene with co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar. She told More Magazine in June, "I didn't think I needed to be naked. I fought with the director about it, and now I am bitter. I knew it was going to be on the Internet. I wish I hadn't done that. I was goaded into it".
A new episode of the hit comedy aired on Monday 11th October 2010, and featured Parker and Gosselaar engaging in an intimate love scene that the New York Daily News described as "extremely graphic". Gosselaar, famed for playing 'Zac Morris' in 'Saved By The Bell', played a bartender who was serving drinks to Parker's character. However, the pair began arguing about Washington's no-smoking laws, which say made "the sexual tension too much to take".
46-year-old Parker stars in the new film 'Red', which hits cinemas today (15th October 2010). The movie follows the story of a former black-ops agent whose life is threatened by an assassin, and also stars Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.