Review of Collected Album by Massive Attack

Massive Attack
Album Review

Massive Attack Collected Album

Musical heavyweights Massive Attack release 'Collected', a compilation of classics from their impressive back catalogue from Protection to Fifth Window with even a new track featuring legend Terry Callier. Massive Attack have always been in a league of their own showcasing future sounds of breakbeat sampled music with a dub influence and Bristol chic. There's plenty of soul with these guys and tracks like 'Angel' and 'Unfinished Sympathy' show true depth and still sound totally contemporary. In fact listening to this album is impressive. There are so many classics here that will bring back memories of when you first heard them and it's so good to listen to them again. All the tracks on 'Collected' show imagination, universal feel and genuine good music that will appeal to anyone into music. If it's all new to you go and buy this and it's an education in it's self and if you still wanted to go and buy the Massive Attack albums there's still plenty of other gems that they've kept out of 'Collected'. Give them a lifetime achievement award.


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