Neil Davidge's 'Halo 4' soundtrack is influenced by Massive Attack.

The record producer and composer has worked with electronic band since the nineties - contributing to albums 'Mezzanine', '100th Window', 'Collected' and 'Heligoland' - and says all of them influenced his work on video game 'Halo 4'.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''My work with Massive Attack gave me a lot of creative freedom to explore new ideas and new approaches. It has influenced me as a composer hugely. I've had free reign. I haven't had a record company breathing down my neck.

''I always look for something new when I make music. I'm looking for an original sound I can mix with the more classical melodic approach that I did with Massive Attack.''

Neil spent two years working on the soundtrack to the latest game in the series, which will be the first of a new series named the 'Reclaimer Trilogy'.

Neil also worked with 14 pioneering electronic musicians on a remix album of the tracks he's produced for 'Halo 4' - the first time this has happened in the gaming series - including contributions from DJ Skee, Gui Boratto, Caspa, classical rock group Apocalyptica and ex-Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha.

He added: ''In the past I've done a lot of remixes myself, especially with Massive Attack. It is something I enjoy very much. The prospect of these mixing artists taking my work, taking it and changing it, was very exciting. I've been very pleased with the results.''

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