Those who haven't yet seen the season finale of 'White Collar', look away now! Matt Bomer's genius con-artist Neal Caffrey has managed to pull off the ultimate scam and seemingly finally extract himself from the clutches of the FBI.

Matt Bomer on the set of 'White Collar'
A curveball ending to 'White Collar' season six

It's been six seasons and nobody was expecting an ending like that on Thursday (December 18th 2014). We'll warn you again - if you haven't seen it, now is definitely the time to stop reading. In a bizarre twist that doesn't arise until nearly the end of the show (unsurprising, since Bomer's co-star Tim DeKay warned in an interview with Hypable: 'Do not walk away, until the final second of the episode'), Caffrey does the all time dirty by spectacularly faking his death in 'Sherlock' fashion.

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Okay, so it was always going to be a little bit unlikely that producers would kill off the main character at the last minute, but it was nonetheless worryingly convincing when Neal was suddenly shot dead by his archrival Matthew Keller. However, we soon see that a year on, Neal's grieving professional partner Peter (who hasn't been informed of the shocking circumstances) discovers his lock up, that reveals the secrets behind Neal's 'death' and his re-location to Paris. Yep, Paris - where we see him enjoying life to later be joined by his best friend and confidante Mozzie (Willie Garson). No doubt to get up to some more illegal mischief - or perhaps to begin a life on the straight.

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Fans will be sad to see such a gripping series go, five years since it first aired on USA Network. But there'll no doubt be another epic crime drama to take its place soon enough.