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Matt Costa Songs We Sing Album

One day you are a pro-skateboarder, the next you are in a horrific accident that sees your leg shattered. End of what was looking like a well-acquired career (if you like that sort of thing) at the ripe old age of 19. Stuck in a hospital bed, bored silly, knowing that the highlight of your week is going to be physio, (that's once his leg is strong enough for that). What is Mr Matt Costa to do? Simple! as a lad he always had a love for music and now it was time to re-kindle that love. Putting all his energy into playing & writing music. Matt was on the road to recovery and maybe onto the road of success.

'Songs We Sing' is the debut album to come from Matt Costa and is kind of in the same mould as Daniel Powter, James Blunt and Jack Johnson (who he is currently supporting on his UK tour). The thing that makes him stand out from thepriviously stated three? For a start, rather than being somewhat depressing his melodies are uplifting, much like Donovan. Maybe touring with Jack Johnson has offered some inspiration too?

So then, the album 'Songs We Sing', it definitely has that chilled out feel. ya know, when you have had a really bad day, put a bit of Matt Costa on, open up a bottle of wine. Just relax!! Take 'Cold December' for example the title itself just makes me shiver, but when you actually listen to it, it has such an up lifting feel to it. A really happy beat to it, that you can't help but tap your foot to it in appreciation. This being the opening track sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the album. 'Sweet Thursday' at this moment in time is my favourite with its 'Beetlebum' style and with Matt's vocals sounding just like Tim Wheeler. This mixed with his clever lyrics is surely going to be a future single?
Matt has got such different vocal ranges which he utilises very well, such as sounding like Bob Dylan in 'Sunshine' the whole way through. Then with 'These Arms' a change of direction by bringing the old piano into action, now featuring a Damien Rice quality. With 'Sweet Rose' you even get that cowboy feel, an ever expanding costa sound!

I could go on and on about this album, to me it is a work of art in the making. The ironic thing is, when Costa set out to skater stardom his injury brought that career to an end but opened a door in to the world of music.& if that hadn't of happened we would not have the chance to hear this! This album is certainly full of wonderful singer song-writer tracks, and if this album was released around a year ago then I am sure that he would have given Mr Blunt a run for his money.

Mark Moore

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