Review of Cold December Single by Matt Costa

Matt Costa
Cold December
Single Review

Matt Costa Cold December Single

Lets start singing about cold times, what's that all about really, and that is what I would ask Mr Costa if I ever saw him. 'Cold December is his new track which comes off the album 'Songs We Sing'. Now I am 100% sure that if he came from the UK he would not be singing about a Cold Year, cause that's what it is! Cold all year round. Maybe he would switch it and sing about A Warm Half Hour.
Now I am off me soapbox back to the single, for something that describes a cold time, it really is quite an uplifting song and upbeat. Nice to see that someone in the same mould as James Blunt can actually sound happy when singing. Nothing against Mr Blunt at all and if he wanted to swap chequebooks I would be more than happy.

Mark Moore

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