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Matt Damon Chats About Upcoming Movie 'The Martian'

Matt Damon Ridley Scott

Matt Damon’s new movie The Martian is set for theatrical release at the start of October. Directed by Ridley Scott and adapted from a 2011 science-fiction novel of the same name written by Andy Weir, the Hollywood A-lister plays an astronaut stranded on Mars after the rest of his team flee the planet following a storm.

It may sound like a pretty harrowing affair, but Damon says in a new interview that it’s quite the opposite. “The book is really funny, and the movie, I think, is really funny too, which might surprise some people”.

Matt DamonMatt Damon stars in 'The Martian'

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Matt Damon - The Martian Video Interview

An Interview with Matt Damon

Matt Damon is set to star in upcoming sci-fi adventure 'The Martian', directed by Ridley Scott and based on the book by Andy Weir, which sees one man forced to re-assess his resources when he is accidentally stranded on Mars following a storm that sent the rest of his team fleeing home.

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Matt Damon Apologises For Diversity Comments After Social Media Furore

Matt Damon Effie Brown

Matt Damon has issued an apology after he appeared to downplay the importance of diversity in the movie industry. The actor and budding director is a judge on the HBO reality show 'Project Greenlight', and was heavily criticised on social media for comments he made to fellow judge and film-maker Effie Brown when talking about a movie that they were considering approving, with the hashtag '#damonsplaining' trending soon afterwards.

On last Sunday’s episode, Brown, who produced 2014’s award-winning Dear White People, was urging caution in green-lighting a movie in which “the only black person” is a “hooker who gets hit by her white pimp”, and urged the selection of a different creative team to take the project forwards to ensure that this wasn’t a racial stereotype.

Matt DamonMatt Damon caused a social media backlash after his comments on last weekend's 'Project Greenlight'

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The Martian - Clips

In these faux featurettes, the crew of Ares 3 talk us through some of the procedures and practices they must go through before embarking on their perilous mission to Mars. The small team of astronauts are put through rigorous training and exercise programs to make sure they're both mentally and physically fit for the mission.

The team also talk about how they will actually get to Mars and show you around their ship.

Matt Damon leads the cast in The Martian, he plays astronaut Mark Watney who specialises in botany and mechanical engineering. The story follows his struggle to survive as he becomes deserted on Mars after a near fatal accident.

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Matt Damon Says New 'Bourne' Movie Is For A 'Post-Snowden World'

Matt Damon

Matt Damon, star of the Bourne franchise has spilled some juicy details on his upcoming fourth adventure as the spy. Speaking to Buzzfeed, Damon described the new movie, which hits cinemas in July next year, as being set in a ‘post-Snowden world'.

Matt DamonMatt Damon stars returns as Jason Bourne in the franchise's next installment.

"Without giving too much of it away, it's Bourne through an austerity-riddled Europe and in a post-Snowden world," Damon said. "It seems like enough has changed, you know? There are all these kinds of arguments about spying and civil liberties and the nature of democracy.”

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FIFA Corruption Scandal Movie To Be Produced By Ben Affleck And Matt Damon?

Ben Affleck Matt Damon

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon may be working together again in the future, with reports that they are in negotiations to co-produce a movie about the current scandal within football’s governing body FIFA.

According to a story by The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has emerged victorious in a bidding war for the rights to BuzzFeed investigative reporter Ken Bensinger’s forthcoming book ‘Houses of Deceit’, and is currently speaking with Affleck and Damon to co-produce it.

Matt Damon and Ben AffleckMatt Damon and Ben Affleck may be working together again soon

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Julia Stiles Back With Matt Damon For Next Instalment Of 'Bourne Identity' Franchise

Julia Stiles Matt Damon

Julia Stiles is set to return to the Bourne film series, reprising her role as agent Nicky Parsons in the fifth instalment of The Bourne Identity franchise, Deadline reports. Stiles appeared in the series’ first three films as the s CIA-operative-turned-ally, but didn’t return for the 2012 spin-off The Bourne Legacy.

Julia StilesJulia Stiles is going back to Bourne.

Stiles joins star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass, who are also returning to the franchise. The film, which is currently untitled, will see the return of Matt Damon's Jason Bourne character after nearly a decade away. It is scheduled to hit cinemas on July 29, 2016.

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See Matt Damon Get Left Behind On Mars In First Look At 'The Martian' [Trailer + Pictures]

Matt Damon Sebastian Stan Ridley Scott Jessica Chastain Kristen Wiig Jeff Daniels

David Bowie once asked us if there was ‘Life on Mars’ and this November the answer will be yes.. sort of, as Matt Damon finds himself stranded all alone on the red planet. Following in the footsteps of Gravity and Interstellar, comes Ridley Scott’s The Martian 2015’s space set drama, which sees Matt Damon fight for survival alone on Mars.

the martianMatt Damon stars as astronaut Mark Watney in The Martian.

In The Martian Damon stars as astronaut Mark Watney, who is left stranded and presumed dead on Mars, after his crew evacuate the planet during a dust storm. Faced with a potential four year wait for rescue, Watney must fight to stay alive, as he attempts to make contact with ground control.

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The Martian - International Trailer

Mark Watney is an astronaut whose resourceful and determined personality is the only thing he has to rely on when he is accidentally abandoned on Mars when his team abort their mission in the face of an oncoming storm. He is presumed dead, but he has miraculously survived, though injured, and now must do everything within his power to get a message to NASA, calculating that if they get it, he still has to survive for four years until they reach him. He has little left in the way of supplies and is living in a Hab which is meant for only a month's worth of use. On his to do list is to attempt to grow crops to survive on, and do everything he can to make water. Luckily for him, a message does reach NASA and his crewmates immediately come together to work out how to rescue their man.

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Hugh Jackman Set To Star In And Co Produce 'Apostle Paul'

Hugh Jackman Matt Damon Ben Affleck

Warner Bros. has announced plans for a new Biblical movie project involving a host of A-list actors. Hugh Jackman is to take the lead role in Apostle Paul, in which he will play the early Christian missionary who becomes one of the most important preachers of the message of Jesus.

News of the casting was reported by Deadline on Wednesday. Jackman will also be producing the movie, along with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck through their Pearl Street Films production company. A screenplay is currently being written by Matt Cook, who has previously worked on Triple Nine and By Way of Helena.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman is set to star in forthcoming Biblical movie 'Apostle Paul'

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The New Jason Bourne Movie Will Be A Thing And That Thing Will Star Matt Damon, Apparently

Matt Damon Ben Affleck, Matt Damon fans, this is your captain speaking. The big news today: Jason Bourne lives and he will be played by Damon in the next Bourne movie. That’s right, there will be a new Bourne movie. The news comes to us via Ben Affleck, who just happened to let the news slip, while the writing/directing pair were doing press for Project Greenlight. You know, all innocent like.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon as Jason Bourne? I am so there.

The movie will start filming “next fall,” said Affleck as a throwaway comment, which actually ended up being the main point. So this means that we can expect the fifth Bourne movie to come out in 2016, although Affleck kept mum about any specific details.

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Matt Damon Confirms Return To Fifth 'Bourne' Movie

Matt Damon

It official! Matt Damon will reprise his role as Jason Bourne in a fifth instalment of the 'Bourne' film franchise, which will be directed by the returning Paul Greengrass, with a release date slated as early as 2016.

Matt Damon
Damon will reprise his role as Jason Bourne in a fifth movie

In September it was reported that Damon and the English filmmaker were in talks to collaborate on another 'Bourne' film, and during a red carpet interview with E! Friday (Nov 7th), the actor's best friend Ben Affleck confirmed that this was correct.

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Jason Bourne Will Return With Matt Damon Reprising His Role In The Franchise

Matt Damon Jeremy Renner Ben Affleck Paul Greengrass

Jason Bourne will return and Matt Damon will be reprising his role as the troubled former secret agent.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon starred in three of the four Bourne movies.

Read More: Matt Damon Open To More Bourne Movies - Will Be Team Up With Jeremy Renner? 

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Interstellar Review

Very Good

Brainy blockbuster maestro Christopher Nolan heads into deep space with this epic adventure, which is packed with thoughtful ideas and big emotions even if the plot wobbles badly in the middle. But although it ultimately feels somewhat forced, the film is still a mesmerising exploration of parenthood and survival, bending time and gravity in ways that keep our brains spinning. And the seamless visual effects combine with some wrenching performances to make it unmissable.

It opens in a future America where a desperation for food has overtaken the need for technology and innovation. Which is a problem for Nasa pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), who is now working a massive corn farm that he runs with his father (John Lithgow). Then Cooper and his daughter Murph (Mackenzie Foy) discover a gravitational anomaly that leads them to a secret base run by father and daughter scientists Brand and Amelia (Michael Caine and Anne Hathaway), who are looking for a new home planet for humanity since Earth is dying. So Cooper joins up and heads through a wormhole with Amelia and crew (Wes Bentley and David Gyasi). Meanwhile, Murph (who grows up to be Jessica Chastain) gets involved in the project back on earth, wondering if her dad will ever return home as he promised.

The first act of the story is a beautiful depiction of yearning for discovery, that innate curiosity that drives people to do crazy things in the hopes of pushing the humanity forward (or in this case, saving it). Nolan directs this section beautifully, with sharp editing propelling the story out into space with real energy and passion. But once they begin visiting other planets, there are some extended episodes that feel oddly contrived, including an encounter that leads to unexplained violence, explosions and melodrama. These kinds of things undermine the characters' motivations to the point where the audience just has to take Nolan's word for it and ride it out, even as the underlying ideas begin to lose their weightiness.

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Matt Damon And Paul Greengrass To Return For Fifth 'Bourne' Movie

Matt Damon Paul Greengrass

Matt Damon is to return to play Jason Bourne in the fifth movie in the spy-thriller franchise, with director Paul Greengrass also returning. It will be the duo's third film in the series and is expected to fill the July 16, 2016 release date that Universal previously held for a sequel to Justin Lin's 'Bourne Legacy' with Jeremy Renner.

Matt DamonMatt Damon is returning to the Bourne franchise

Since The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), Damon has spoken of potentially returning to the franchise if the story was right.

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Matt Damon And Paul Greengrass In Talks To Reunite For New 'Bourne' Sequel

Matt Damon

One of the most intricate spy stories may be coming back to the big-screen! Matt Damon and British director Paul Greengrass are reportedly in talks to make another instalment of the 'Bourne' film franchise, with a release date as early as 2016.

Matt Damon
Damon may portray Jason Bourne once again

Although it has been adamantly denied that Hollywood star will portray Jason Bourne again, several sources have revealed Damon and Greengrass are trying to strike a deal with Universal about releasing another 'Bourne' movie, Deadline reports.

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Interstellar Trailer

Cooper is a pilot and engineer with a huge ambition to save the world. With little discoveries left to be made on Earth and the development of pioneering technology ever slowing down, mankind's only chance of survival is to take to the stars - though there's a chance there's nothing out there either. But human endeavour once again proves fruitful as a team of space explorers discover a wormhole in the void of the universe. Cooper decides to join them on their intergalactic expedition to find out if there are any other habitable worlds out there. However, he has a big decision to make as the trip means leaving his beloved family behind with the possibility that he might never return. This is a dangerous mission unlike anything mankind has ever done before, but is it worth it to find a way to save the world?

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What Do We Know About Christopher Nolan's Interstellar?

Christopher Nolan Matthew Mcconaughey Anne Hathaway Michael Caine Matt Damon Casey Affleck Jessica Chastain

Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey made a surprise visit to the San Diego Comic-Con last week to unveil the full trailer for their new movie, Interstellar. It seems fans were impressed but, with a November release date for the motion picture fast approaching, what do we actually know about this sci-fi adventure?

Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey
Christopher Nolan and Matthew Mcconaughey at Comic-Con 2014 (Credit: Getty/Kevin Winter)

We know that it has an all-star cast with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway taking the leads and Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, John Lithgow, Matt Damon and William Devane featuring, among others.

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Interstellar Trailer

With the Earth facing a bleak future, pilot and engineer Cooper wants to know how it can possibly be saved from its inevitable demise. The world seems to be slowing down in terms of technological advancement and important discovery, but one group of scientists and explorers are determined to keep pushing the boundaries of human endeavour in the hope that human beings can learned enough to save themselves. When an unusual wormhole like void is discovered in space, the scientists prepare to embark on an interstellar voyage of wisdom to unlock the hidden mysteries of the universe and uncover the key to time travel. It's an expedition that faces great danger and has never before been undertaken by man, and while Cooper is concerned about his separation from his family, he can't pass up this opportunity to explore the stars.

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Matt Damon Open To More 'Bourne' Movies: Will He Team Up With Jeremy Renner?

Matt Damon Paul Greengrass Jeremy Renner

Matt Damon has revealed that not only would he be happy to reprise his career-defining role of Jason Bourne in the butt-kicking, Bond-esque blockbusters but that he and director Paul Greengrass would have already started beavering away on the sequel to 2007's Bourne Ultimatum if they'd found a suitable storyline.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon Has Revealed He's Open To Starring In More 'Bourne' Movies.

Indeed, just when we thought one of the greatest action franchises of this millennium had been all neatly wrapped up nearly seven years ago, then BAM! - now we're hit with the realisation that there could be more to come from the amnesiac CIA assassin.

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HBO To Revive 'Project Greenlight' With Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Returning

Ben Affleck Matt Damon

Project Greenlight is to be revived for another series with original stars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon at the helm. The reality TV series saw the pair plus other big industry names help bring up a new generation of filmmaking talent as contestants brought their movie concepts to be assessed.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck Is Reviving His Early Noughties Reality Talent Contest, 'Project Greenlight.'

"Project Greenlight was ahead of its time," Affleck said. "Now that technology has caught up to the concept, we thought it was a perfect time to bring it back. A whole new generation of filmmakers has grown up sharing everything, and the next big director could be just an upload away," via Deadline.

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Johnny Depp Promotes 'Transcendence', But Attention Turns To 'Black Mass'

Johnny Depp Joel Edgerton Guy Pearce Dakota Johnson Ben Affleck Matt Damon Morgan Freeman Rebecca Hall Paul Bettany

Johnny Depp has begun his promotional tour for his new science fiction thriller Transcendance, which opens on April 18. However, journalists appear to be more concerned with another of the actor's upcoming projects, Black Mass - in which he plays convicted mobster Whitey Bulger.

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp Plays An Artificial Intelligence Researcher in 'Transcendence'

"I don't think of him as Whitey - it's James 'Whitey' Bulger," Depp said at the Four Seasons Hotel during a press day for Transcendence

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50 Cent And Bette Midler? Our Favorite Celebrity BFFs

Matt Damon Ben Affleck Bette Midler 50 Cent Rihanna Katy Perry Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox Dakota Fanning Kristen Stewart Kim Kardashian Kelly Osbourne

Unlike Jennifer Lawrence and her rather normal best friend, Laura Simpson, celebs often pick other famous people to have as their BFFs. They all probably bump into each other at so many events that it’s difficult not to end up practically joined at the hip. Some of these celebrity BFFs you’ll already know about, some you’ll be totally surprised to hear have even met!  The phrase chalk and cheese comes to mind.

courteney cox jennifer aniston Courteney Cox, pictured here with BFF Jennifer Aniston and Jen's fiancee Justin Theroux

Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have been BFFs since their Monica and Rachel days. The pair have seen each other through weddings and divorces, children and various film/TV projects. “We just have fun, we laugh, we’re inseparable and it’s great”, Cox said of Aniston, while her best friend in turn dubbed her “the most dependable and loyal”. Mutual appreciation society, or what?  We love it!  That's how all best friends should talk about each other in our opinion.

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Emma Watson And Other Celebrities Who Don't Date Famous People

Emma Watson Elizabeth Banks Matt Damon Julia Roberts Reese Witherspoon

Not all celebrities are part of a high profile power couple like Beyonce and Jay-Z, or Brad and Angelina. Some celebrities opt for a hint of normalcy in their personal lives and shack up with regular folk. Emma Watson has revealed that she won’t date other famous people. “I don’t date people who are famous”, the Noah actress explained. Watson is currently in a relationship with Oxford University student Matt Janney, although she did add that a dating non-famous can be tough too, “I don’t think it’s fair that, all of a sudden, intimate details of their personal life are public as a direct result of me.”

Emma Watson dating Emma Watson doesn't date other famous people

Emma Watson isn’t the only celeb to be involved with another non-famous partner. Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso have been happily married since 2005. The pair met in a bar while Damon was filming Stuck on You with Greg Kinnear and they now have four daughters. “I hit the jackpot with my wife”, Damon told The Guardian. Well, ain't that nice?

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Bradley Cooper Is Out! Could One Of These Actors Replace Harrison Ford As Indiana Jones?

Harrison Ford Joseph Gordon-Levitt Josh Brolin Clive Owen Matt Damon

Chill out internet, Bradley Cooper will not be playing Indiana Jones in a reboot of the movies, we repeat, he will not be playing Indiana Jones! Rumours that the Silver Linings Playbook actor would replace Harrison Ford for a fifth Indiana Jones film have been staunchly denied by all involved. Although we have to admit, we reckon Bradley would make a pretty great Indy. At least think about it, Disney?

It’s nowhere near certain that a new Indiana Jones film is in the works, but if there is, and they are looking to replace veteran star Ford, then we suggest one of these actors instead.

joseph gordon levitt indiana jones Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets our vote to play Indiana Jones

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The Zero Theorem Review


Lively and imaginative, this raucous adventure-drama recaptures the ramshackle futurism of director Terry Gilliam's 1985 masterpiece Brazil, throwing a lonely guy into a series of events that get increasingly surreal. And while we never lose interest, the plot seems to fall apart about halfway in, circling around itself and the pungent themes that ooze through every scene.

The central figure is Qohen (Waltz), a genius who feels like life has lost its meaning. He hates the corporate mentality at Mancom, where both his manager (Thewlis) and the computer system drive him nuts. Then after a chance encounter with the big boss (Damon), he's given a new assignment to work at home crunching numbers to prove the Zero Theorem. Everyone is vague about what this theorem is, but Qohen likes being away from the office. But now he's distracted by the seductive Bainsley (Thierry), who puts on a sexy nurse outfit and lures him into a virtual reality environment. He's also assigned 15-year-old computer nerd Bob (Hedges) to keep his system up and running. Or maybe everyone is spying on him.

The central theme is the search for meaning in life, which is echoed in Qohen's inability to feel, taste or properly experience anything. And the theorem itself turns out to be an attempt to prove conclusively that everything is meaningless. This allows Gilliam to deploy his vast imagination in every scene, with a flood of corporate and religious imagery, suggestive innuendo and topical gags about free will in a society that values making money at the expense of actually living. All of the actors grab on to these ideas, adding comical physicality and knowing humour to each scene. 

Continue reading: The Zero Theorem Review

The Zero Theorem - Trailer And Feaurette

In a flamboyant, futuristic universe, Qohen Leth works as a computer hacker desperate to uncover the meaning of life. He appears to suffer from a range of conflicting phobias and his eccentricity forces him to stand out to the formidable Management who enlist him to try and crack the most fundamental formula of mankind history, the Zero Theorem. Meanwhile, he is waiting desperately for an important phone call that will reveal to him the purpose of human existence. But as he absorbs himself deeply with his own work at the dilapidated chapel he calls home, he finds himself repeatedly distracted by Management's teenager son Bob and a stunning blonde seductress named Bainsley who was specifically hired by the dictatorial authority. Qohen's sanity is frequently tested as it becomes more and more clear that the Zero Theorem is trying to tell him that all is for nothing.

'The Zero Theorem' is a vibrant sci-fi drama set in an almost Orwellian dystopian future. It has been directed by the Oscar nominated Terry Gilliam ('Twelve Monkeys', 'Brazil', 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail') and written by Pat Rushin ('No Ordinary Sun' short) in his full-length screenplay debut. It has already caused a stir having won the Future Film Festival Digital Award at the Venice Film Festival and it is set to be released in the UK on March 14th 2014.

Click here to read - The Zero Theorem Movie Review

"The Monuments Men" Screens For President Obama At The White House's Family Theater

George Clooney Matt Damon Barack Obama

The Monuments Men – the Matt Damon and George Clooney-starring flick about a World War II platoon charged with protecting important works of art – was screened at a private White House event on Tuesday night. The movie follows the band of soldiers, as they are ordered by president Roosevelt to go into Germany to rescue masterpieces stolen by Nazis.

The Monuments Men Still
The movie stars a brilliant cast, which includes Clooney, Damon, John Goodman and Bill Murray, among others.

The movie was written and produced by Clooney, a generous donor to Obama's political campaigns, and Grant Heslov. While Clooney is a longtime supporter of Obama and hosted a fundraiser for his reelection at his Studio City home in May 2012. Damon on the other hand, has expressed his disillusionment with the president and his policies before. Most recently, Damon told BET last year that Obama "broke up with him," and he expressed concerns about U.S. drone operations under Obama and revelations by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden about the agency's spying programs. To that valid criticism, Obama responded with some of his own: "Matt Damon said he was disappointed in my performance. Well, Matt, I just saw The Adjustment Bureau, so right back atcha, buddy!"

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Matt Damon Responds To Ben Affleck Jimmy Kimmel's Twitter Jabs

Matt Damon

Matt Damon finally gets his say!

When the 43 year-old and Ben Affleck were both promoting their charity contest which benefits the East Congo Initiative and, Damon was a victim to some friendly heckling.

The 'Elysium' actor was dubbed "too scared" to join twitter which Affleck is using to help promote the contest.

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'The Monuments Men' Just "Another War Film"? George Clooney Would Disagree [Trailer + Pictures]

George Clooney John Goodman Bill Murray Hugh Bonneville Cate Blanchett Jean Dujardin Matt Damon Bob Balaban

World War II movies: haven't we had our fill of them yet? Apparently not, according to George Clooney who is currently watching his new war film, The Monuments Men, open across the world after months of anticipation. For every soldier there are a thousand stories and millions fought across all of the nations involved in the Second World War. If that's the case, we've barely scratched the surface.

George Clooney John Goodman The Monuments Men

George Clooney Assembled A Truly Fine Cast For His WWII Movie, 'The Monuments Men.'

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