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Wow,This is such a crazy time...I just hope that responsible people will take their views appropriately. Make a legitmate cause, and speak responsibly. I think Matt is we have this women we never heard of, can't give a good interview, doesn't have a direct response of her views, and she could possibly be the President of the US. What the hell are you people thinking? God forbid, and God Bless Senator McCain..but the reality is that our country is obsessed with unreality. Stop being spooned fed, and fess up you don't even know what the facts are. People are choosing candidates through emotion. Because your a woman because your a man does not give credit to the candidate. We need to get the hell out of this situation. There a people's lives at stake here. READ! READ! READ! is like a bad Disney movie...and Elizabeth...Disney does put out bad movies! like Steam boat Willie...a slander on Black society...get her off that show god, get her off the "View" SHE is a ridiculous rendition just like Palin of what the true American Women work load is. We are not celebrities and we do not even know what it could be like to be a soccer Mom because we are too busy keeping our kids off the street and being shot by gangs and just keeping food on the table.Most of American Women can not identify with Palin..she's been lucky even with a teenage pregnant daughter..that should be the least of our problem...Let me tell you...there is such a bad taste of democracy in this world that you people of celebrity would even identify with. Not only is this a bad Disney movie, but it is so far to the extreme you wouldn't even be able to understand because you are so removed from the situation. Breast feeding is a luxuary, even folding your breast like origamy.....I wish that was the only thing I had to deal with. I would be most gracious if I could even think about having a child...that gift is taken away from me, as a woman..because I can't even afford to have a child...Than you have the nerve to say that a woman who is raped or assaulted should have the same as a woman who has the choice to consider birth control to have an abortion or not...are you kidding me..?what the hell are you people thinking?Get our heads out of Brittany's butt and start thinking...these people are not the people that are the people who these votes of who are in charge is to consider. We are not Oprah, we are not Palin, we are not McCain's wife..we are real women, with real issues...We are dying of breast cancer, we are women who can't have children because we can't afford them...we are the poor and inconsidered..we are the ones left behind. We are not TMZ degenerates that take advantage and walk out of prison to find a crowd of pleasers. We are real people with real issues, with a real life...we don't have time to be PTA moms, or soccer moms,,,,we only can wish..we are lockey kids, and drug addicted societies, we are oppressed women still, of color and you do not speak out language at all...get real!

Posted 13 years 1 week ago by Tallulah24

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What a jerk to say things in his video aboutMcCain and Palin. They will last longer then hismovie crap which his movies have been big flops.Go back to where you came from Damon Under a rock.Your friend Ben was rasied by a single MOM, youstupid idiot.

Posted 13 years 1 week ago by videorov

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