With it's release getting ever-closer, the Matt Damon-starring Elysium is being roundly pushed by Sony Pictures in a bid to get excitement for the film to more encouraging levels. To help this push for an impressive box office revenue, a new clip from the film has been released online showing off an action packed scene in which the film's star Damon fights off a team of robots hell-bent on taking him out. You can check out the clip below.

Matt Damon
Damon wasn't the first choice for director Blomkamp during casting

Set in the year 2154, Damon's Max Da Costa character is living in a densely-populated Earth that has been reduced to rumble following countless outbreaks of war, illness and civil unrest. Whilst Da Costa and his fellow sufferers dwell on the planet's battered surfaced, the riches members of the human race live harmoniously on the Earth-orbiting Elysium, which offers pristine living conditions for the lucky few who live their, as well as an unmitigated supply of health care equipment and complete lack of poverty. An ailing Max, determined to survive and bring social order to the world at last, must make his way on to the exclusive orbiting resort to retrieve supplies that could save an ailing world, and change to social order irreparably.

In the clip, we see Damon swarmed by androids as he makes a mad dash out of town with authorities close behind him. Showing off his newfound fighting prowess gifted to him by his own mechanical enhancements, he is able to overpower the droids with some hawk-eyed shooting and get away from the stick situation. With District 9 director Blomkamp at the helm for this movie, we can be sure to see plenty of high-octane action sequences just like it when the film is released.

Elysium will reach cinemas on August 9 in the US and on August 23 in the UK, with Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley also starring. Fun Fact! Eminem was initially offered Damon's starring role, but turned it down when he was told that the movie couldn't be set in his native Detroit, which probably would have saved the production team some money considering the post-apocalyptic state Detroit is already in...

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Eminem turned down the offer to star in the film