Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel put aside their light-hearted ‘feud’ for a hilarious segment skewering United Airlines for its recent passenger-bumping PR disaster on the latter’s late night chat show this week.

The two have been engaged in fictitious feud with each other for eight years, largely revolving around how Damon never gets invited as guest to ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!” However, they joined forces for the sake of capitalising on the great social media talking point of the last fortnight – the United Airlines scandal in which a passenger was dragged off a United airplane by airport police because he had been bumped from the internal flight.

Matt DamonMatt Damon settled his 'feud' with Jimmy Kimmel for a United Airlines skit

The skit started with Damon providing a voiceover just like a regular commercial, as ‘celebrity spokesperson’ for the beleaguered United, but it soon went off track and started referencing both the scandal, and Kimmel’s failure to book Damon in eight years.

“I can't do this anymore,” Damon said. “Because I know what it's like to get bumped. Trust me – I've been getting bumped from Jimmy's show for the last eight years, and it takes a toll. We're people, dammit, and we deserve to be treated with dignity – not told night after night, 'There's somebody more important, so take a hike’.”

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“We need your cooperation, sir, we need this seat,” Kimmel interrupted him by saying. “What do you mean you need this seat?" Damon angrily asked. “I'm doing a voiceover for your company!”

Naturally, the skit ended with a United employee (played by Kimmel) removing Damon from the advert, with the actor screaming “you people are animals!” followed by a clip the real life scream of Dr David Dao, the passenger who was bumped from the flight in real life.

“Hi I'm Jimmy Kimmel inviting you to come fly the friendly skies,” the voiceover continued after the kerfuffle died down.

“In some cases,” Kimmel quipped next, “some people deserve to get bumped.”

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