Matt Damon would bring 'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare' to space.

The 'Martian' star, who plays an astronaut that gets marooned on Mars in the new movie, claims he'd load up on the British playwright's comedies and dramas before boarding a spaceship in real life ''because you'd get a lot of bang for your buck that way.''

Asked what else he'd pack, the 44-year-old actor said: ''There's 40 percent of the gravity [on Earth], so I'd bring a basketball and be Air Jordan. And I'd need to have a picture of my wife and four daughters.''

Aside from his family, Matt claims the only thing he'd miss about Earth would be ''the election coverage,'' but would relish the opportunity to relax his diet.

Discussing the type of food he'd eat if he was weightless, he said: ''A good pasta with maybe meatballs. I probably should have said broccoli and chicken, but I feel like if you're alone you really want comfort food.''

Meanwhile, Matt thinks Matthew Mcconaughey played a better astronaut in 'Interstellar' than George Clooney did in 'Gravity'.

He told PEOPLE magazine: ''I feel like Matthew gets the blue ribbon because George just got himself killed off so quickly - even though it was a noble death, he was still out of there in the first act - Matthew hung in there and showed a lot more fortitude, so I'd have to vote for him.''