Singer Matt Goss is on the hunt for love again after splitting from longterm girlfriend Daisy Fuentes earlier this year (10).
The former Bros star and the model-turned-actress shared a home together in the Hollywood Hills and became engaged in 2003. They broke up in January (10) amid allegations Fuentes rekindled her relationship with Latin singer Luis Miguel.
But despite his heartache, Goss admits he's looking forward to finding his next girlfriend.
He tells Britain's OK! magazine, "It was really tough. I hope she's happy and I'm sure she feels the same about me. I loved Daisy and when you love someone you don't all of a sudden just stop loving them. If you say you do then you're lying to yourself. But I'm happy to be moving on and am looking forward to finding my girl.
"When I am in a relationship, all that matters to me is the person I'm going home to."