Eighties pop star Matt Goss struck up a bizarre friendship with legendary London gangster Reggie Kray, who would ring him from prison and recite poetry.

The former Bros singer reveals his shock at receiving a call from an incarcerated Kray, one of the most famous criminal figures in British history.

Goss explains that Kray had reached out to him because they both had twin brothers - Kray was jailed for life along with his twin Ronnie in 1969.

The singer tells Britain's Sunday Mirror, "I used to speak to him every other day - he would call and read me his poetry.

"Sometimes he'd ring me every day to read me his poetry and I'd go and see him in prison, too. He had got hold of my number because he felt an affinity to me as a twin.

"When he first rang he said, "Hello Matt, hello mate, it's Reggie - Reggie Kray'. It was one of those moments. Then he proceeded to call me every other day. He was an extremely creative person - I saw some of the designs of the clothes he wanted to make.

"He was full of life and very, very kind to me."

Kray died in 2000 aged 66 after a battle with cancer. Goss shot to fame with his twin brother, Luke, as members of Bros.