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30th March 2011

Quote: "I'm not dating. I'm not even sexting. I'm on complete nil." Rihanna remains single following her split from Matt Kemp late last year (10).

29th October 2010

Quote: "I smile for real this time. The smiles come from inside this time and it exudes in (sic) everything I do. People feel my energy is different. When I smile they can tell that it's pure bliss and not just a cover up." Rihanna is content now she is dating baseball star Matt Kemp, after her nasty break-up with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown last year (09).

10th June 2010

Quote: "A year ago, I was very confused because he was my best friend. All of a sudden, one night changed our whole lives - not only our friendship, but our lives." Pop singer Rihanna on taking her relationship with boyfriend Matt Kemp to the next level.

4th June 2010

Quote: "It's been seven weeks but I've only got like three or four more days, so I'm excited. We're just gonna be chillin' around the house... but we'll come up with something." Baseball star Matt Kemp on hooking up with girlfriend Rihanna after a lengthy separation. Rihanna has been on tour, while Kemp is in action daily with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

24th May 2010

Fact: Rihanna's baseball beau Matt Kemp is to be turned into an action man - Los Angeles Dodgers fans will receive a limited edition action figure inspired by the batsman at the 3 June (10) home game against the Atlanta Braves.

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