1. Now everybody has their favorites, and there will be plenty of people to disagree with this, but give it up for David Tennant, everybody. For fans across the world (this staff writer included) Tennant was their introduction to a series that, to an outsider sounds like pure, unadulterated madness (cue “300” jokes). Tennant’s tenth Doctor was conflicted and troubled by the horrors of the last Time War, but he also had a childlike excitement for the wonders of the Universe. And of course, his unfailing love for the human race was a consistent theme throughout Ten’s run. He was also a lot like humanity in his thirst for life. Yeah, I may or may not have cried at that last line during The End of Time. Admit it, it’s tear-worthy. Luckily, Ten will be returning in The Day of the Doctor tomorrow! Hurrah!

Watch the video of Ten's regeneration below. Then cry. A lot.