Matt Smith and Lily James have reportedly rekindled their romance.

The 37-year-old actor and Lily, 31, split last December, but they've subsequently continued living together and have grown closer to each other again amid the coronavirus lockdown.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''Matt and Lily's break-up was mostly because their hectic schedules meant they could barely see each other.

''They kept the house together when they split because they were both barely around. But when lockdown began, they ended up isolating together.

''Being in the house and having no work and distractions has allowed them to reconnect and get back to a good place.

''There is such an amazing chemistry between them and they make a wonderful couple.

''It's what their friends had all hoped would happen because they do make each other so happy and their split happened because they were just too busy to see each other.''

Prior to their split last year, Matt had openly spoken about the possibility of starting a family with the 'Baby Driver' star.

The actor - who starred alongside Lily in the 2016 horror movie 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' - admitted he was looking forward to one day becoming a dad.

Meanwhile, Lily had also discussed the possibility of marrying the 'Crown' actor.

She shared: ''I've gone through different phases of wanting and not wanting to get married. I don't know where I sit with it now. What matters is the relationship and how you feel about each other.

''I come from the most incredible family, so that means a lot to me. Eventually, sharing your life with a family is the most important thing.''