Matt Smith can't wait for pubs to reopen in the UK.

The 37-year-old actor has endured a mixed time during the coronavirus lockdown, but he's looking forward to going to the pub once lockdown restrictions are eased by the government.

Asked how his lockdown experience has been, Matt replied: ''Good and bad.

''Obviously there's things you miss. I'm looking forward to the pubs opening this week, and the cinemas.

''But I try to keep my head in creative avenues and explore other things, whether that be reading or learning things outside the box.''

Matt also hopes that George Floyd's death and the recent anti-racism protests have prompted people to ''reframe'' how they think about the world.

He told the Guardian newspaper: ''With all the different movements going on now, politically, socially and ideologically, if you don't reframe the way you think, then you're living on another planet!''

Asked if he was referring to the Black Lives Matter movement, Matt said: ''Yes, of course. If your filter hasn't shifted, or at least improved slightly, then what does it take?''

Meanwhile, Matt previously confessed to suffering with ''climate-change anxiety''.

Despite this, the actor admitted he still doesn't do as much as he should to protect the environment.

Matt - who played Prince Philip in the Netflix series 'The Crown' - explained: ''Basically, my climate-change anxiety is really random.

'''ll go, 'Oh man, polar bears. F***ing polar bears!' I'll wig out about them not having ice to get back on.

''I operate in my little sphere, but I don't think about it enough in a global sense. I don't have children yet, but having them would make me think about it a lot more.''