'American Psycho' director Mary Harron will be making her return to the director's chair for upcoming film 'Charlie Says', based on the infamous cult The Manson Family, and the leading psychopath that led the band of serial killers, Charles Manson. Set for release later this year, more information regarding the flick is beginning to trickle out, and it's now been revealed that Matt Smith is the actor to portray Manson in the movie.

Matt Smith has signed on to play Charles Manson in 'Charlie Says'Matt Smith has signed on to play Charles Manson in 'Charlie Says'

This isn't the first time Manson has been the subject of a film, with the notorious killer fascinating audiences for years via a variety of different outlets. Though there's a level of concern surrounding glorifying the actions of a psychopath, that hasn't stopped the spotlight from falling on him on a number of different occasions. Most recently, Evan Peters played a version of him in 'American Horror Story: Cult' in 2017 - the same year that Manson's real life also came to an end.

'Charlie Says' will be based on a pair of books; 'The Family', released in 1971 from author Ed Sanders, and 'The Long Prison Journey of Leslie Van Houten', released in 2001 by Karlene Faith. Leslie Van Houten was one of the loyal disciples that engaged in criminal activity as part of Manson's cult 'Family'.

Harron isn't the only big name returning from 'American Psycho'; that movie's writer Guinevere Turner has also signed on, and Smith joins a cast that's already been fleshed out by a number of other big names.

Hannah Murray will portray Leslie Van Houten, with Carla Gugino as Virginia Carlson, Merritt Wever as Karlene Faith, Kayli Carter as Squeaky Fromme, Odessa Young as Patricia Krenwinkel, Marianne Rendón as Susan Atkins and Suki Waterhouse as Mary Brunner.

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We'll bring you more news on the upcoming 'Charlie Says' movie as and when we get it.