If ITV mini-series 'Victoria' starring Jenna Coleman wasn't gripping enough, her 'Doctor Who' co-star Matt Smith is set to star in a new Netflix series entitled 'The Crown', following the life of a different Queen. Claire Foy plays Queen Elizabeth II in the new show, which has been created by Oscar-nominated writer Peter Morgan.

Matt Smith and Claire Foy in 'The Crown'Matt Smith and Claire Foy star in 'The Crown'

'The Crown' is a 10-episode historical drama exploring the life of a newly crowned 25-year-old Queen Elizabeth II as she navigates a new marriage, political turmoil and a relationship with the formidable Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

It has been created by Peter Morgan; that's the man behind 'The Last King of Scotland', 'The Other Boleyn Girl' and Helen Mirren's Academy Award winning masterpiece 'The Queen', thus taking him full circle in the monarch's reign.

It stars Claire Foy ('Wolf Hall') as the Queen, with John Lithgow ('Interstellar') as Sir Winston Churchill and Matt Smith ('Doctor Who') as Prince Philip - aka the Duke of Edinburgh. Smith recently opened up to Hello! magazine about how he asked advice from the future King of England, William Duke of Cambridge, about how best to play his grandfather. 

'He said, 'just one word - legend'. And he's right, Philip was a bit of a rock star, really', said Smith. 'What's interesting is that the Prince Philip we now know and the Prince Philip we perhaps knew then are two different men, which we see.

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'I often play outsiders and he is very much the outsider. He was the voice of dissent in that family but he was also a brilliant father and very well respected in the Navy.'

Among the directors of the episodes are Stephen Daldry ('Billy Elliot', 'The Reader'), Julian Jarrold ('Kinky Boots'), Benjamin Caron ('Wallander') and Philip Martin ('Prime Suspect 7').

Season one is set to hit Netflix on November 4th 2016, with another five seasons expected to arrive in due course.