The countdown to the 23rd November has officially begun as the air date for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, 'The Day of The Doctor,' has been announced. It has also been announced that the first official trailer will air this Saturday night (9th Nov.) to really whip up some fan anticipation before the big day.

Doctor WhoDoctors from past and present unite

We've already been teased with a minute long trailer that takes us through the five decades worth of Doctors and their assistants who are shown frozen in time whilst Matt Smith narrates. However, the new trailer will give a closer look at what to expect in the upcoming one-off special and will be shown on BBC1 from 8pm in the UK this coming Saturday.

Additionally, four enticing new images have been released from 'The Day of The Doctor' giving a sneak preview into the episode that will see previous Doctors return for an adventure like never before. Fans of the show who attended California' Comic-Con in July were miffed that their favourite sci-fi show wasn't holding a panel but we're sure all has been made well now that the special episode is practically close enough to touch.

Doctor Who in mid airThe doctor - well one of them - is in a perilous situation here

The snaps show the most recent 11th Doctor Matt Smith looking sternly at something whilst his face is lit up with and eerie blue light. 10th Doctor David Tennant features in two of the photos pointing angrily in one as speaking to Joanna Page's Queen Elizabeth I. Tennant's 10th will return to Elizabethan England with his assistant Rose (Billie Piper) and will engage in an apparently romantic encounter with Liz the 1st.

Gavin and Stacey's Joanna Page said that her experience filming a romance scene with David Tennant wasn't as dreamy as many would assume. She said "So I'm lying across him and he probably couldn't breathe, because I've just got this massive costume on, and he's feeding me grapes as I'm just desperately shivering."

She added, via Metro: "You've got to try and play it romantic and relaxed, when actually you're freezing cold. I think our lips were turning blue and I stopped feeling my hands. So everyone is probably jealous, thinking she gets to kiss the Tenth Doctor and it's all romantic, but it's not; my lips were numb and my hands were chapped."

Day of The Doctor BBCMatt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt in Doctor Who

The fourth image shows 11th Doctor Matt Smith wearing his bow tie and looking quizzical whilst UNIT scientist Ingrid Oliver stands wearing the fourth doctor's famous multi-coloured scarf.

Call us intrigued! 'The Day of The Doctor' will air on BBC1 on the 23rd November.

Check out the rest of our pictures from the upcoming Dr. Who 50-year special:

Matt Smith as Dr WhoMatt Smith plays the Doctor for the very last time

John HurtJohn Hurt first played Dr. Who earlier this year in 'The Name of The Doctor'

David TennantTennant's stint as the timelord was popular

Jenna Louise Coleman and Jemma Redgrave
The 50th anniversary features many beloved cast members and newcomers alike

Joanna Page in Dr. Who
Like Joanna Page, who stars in the special