We're now just weeks away from the release of Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic Interstellar -the most anticipated movie, certainly of 2014, perhaps of the last few years. Paramount has employed a clever marketing campaign for this, in that, they haven't really done any marketing. Plot details have been kept under wraps, trailers have offered little insight into what will unfold and the studio have let word-of-mouth and natural buzz lead the way.

InterstellarMatthew Mcconaughey [L] plays a widowed enginner in Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'

One thing we do know is that Interstellar concerns black holes. They're the place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can't get out. It can often happen when a star is dying, though because light can't get out - nobody can see black holes. They're invisible. As in the Muse song - the largest black holes are the "supermassive" kind. They're said to be the size of 1 million suns together and scientists have proven that every large galaxy contains a supermassive black hole. 

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In Interstellar, it's likely that Matthew McConaughey's character - a widowed engineer - travels into space to embark on a voyage through a black hole. 

InterstellarInterstellar is coming

Another thing we know is that Interstellar will look incredible. Filmed in 35mm and IMAX film, the movie filmed in Canada and Iceland - the latter of which doubles as two extra-terrestrial planets: one covered in ice and another in water. 

Anticipation continues to build for the movie, with IMAX theaters committing to showing the film at 3.00am and 3.30am on Wednesday (November 5, 2014) to keep up with demand.

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"You want to see it right," said Alwyn Hight Kushner, president and COO of the TCL Chinese Theatre. "This is a big event movie. You can't watch it on a TV screen. It's not a Netflix movie. It's a real film that you need to see in cinemas."

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