Actress Busy Philipps has just revealed details about her hilariously awkward first meeting with Matthew Mcconaughey. Apparently, he got her name very, very wrong and earned her a nickname that will stay with her for the rest of her life. But, obviously, he's totally forgiven.

Matthew McConaughey at 'The Dark Tower' premiereMatthew McConaughey at 'The Dark Tower' premiere

He's not the first star to get someone's name wrong (John Travolta and Adele Dazeem, anyone?) and he definitely won't be the last, but that doesn't make it any less funny that the 47-year-old 'Dark Tower' star got Busy Philipps identity COMPLETELY wrong the very first time they met. 

The 'Cougar Town' star was a guest host on 'Live! with Kelly and Ryan' on Monday (July 31st 2017) where he was also making an appearance. Needless to say, it brought back memories from the first time they met in 2006 at a party hosted by Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger, and Busy was eager to tell all.

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'Wait. I didn't get to tell this story cause when you're hosting, you know, IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU', she said on Instagram, alongside a photo of Busy, Matthew and Ryan Seacrest. 'But years ago, at a pre-oscar party when Heath and Michelle were both nominated for ['Brokeback Mountain'], Matthew McConaughey came up to congratulate them and we were introduced - he talked with us for about 10 mins and when he left he said, 'Heath, Michelle, congratulations and best of luck to you this weekend. Marc, it was nice to meet you. WHIMSY, it was a pleasure!''

You read that right. 'Busy' is hardly the most conventional name in the world, but Whimsy?? Still, the actress couldn't bring herself to correct him, nor was she particularly offended by his mistake.

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'We obviously didn't correct him cause who cares?!' She continued. 'He's Matthew McConaughey! He can call me whatever he wants! But we all just about died. And Michelle to this DAY sometimes calls me Whimsy. And it always makes us laugh. Also. He's so hot.'