Though they respectively constitute the cream of the movie and TV worlds, Matthew Mcconaughey and Jimmy Kimmel took some time out to boost the grassroots of the entertainment industry by teaming up to promote a local video store at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

McConaughey was a guest on Kimmel’s late night chat show, which is specially shooting on location in Texas for the week, and appeared wearing a ‘Vulcan Video’ T-shirt and a cap with his own trademark ‘alright’ catchphrase. The duo then unveiled three special TV shorts they had filmed to promote the store.

Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel to promote an independent video store

The adverts came about after Kimmel met the store’s proprietors Bryan and Kristen and decided upon a budget, which turned out to be just “a few bucks”. The first of the three plugs features both McConaughey and Kimmel talking up the benefits of VHS tapes over internet streaming.

The second boasts that the store offers free parking and great personal service, as any self-respecting independent store should. McConaughey boasts that he was able to sleep in his car in the parking lot after renting a warped cassette copy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (in which he himself starred).

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In the final spot, McConaughey uses his charm to persuade the viewers of Vulcan’s “retro” style, urging them to "quit scrolling, quit streaming, start dreaming about VHS", before pretending to knock Kimmel out using a Vulcan nerve pinch.

All very weird and charming, but it’s in keeping with the best traditions of SXSW, where entertainers and artists try to inject some independent spirit into the corporate atmosphere.

The series of skits was aired on Monday night’s edition of the show, and Kimmel will be filming in Austin for the rest of this week. In terms of guests, he’s got the likes of Brad Paisley, Kevin Hart and Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo lined up to appear.

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