With the release of Mud, which explores Matthew Mcconaughey’s mysterious relationship with a couple of kids who find him hanging out by the lakeside (as you do) – the actor has been telling People magazine about his own relationship with kids – insisting to the publication that he always puts them first and that his favorite part of the day is reading them bed time stories. Feel to check out some Mud clips during the course of reading too.

Check out Matthew McConaughey in Mud

“My favorite thing is reading a five-minute story that turns into a never-ending story,” McConaughey said at Sunday’s Cinema Society screening of Mud (April 21, 2013), in New York City. “When it’s story time and I get to the end, there’s no the end. The kids hate the end!” McConaughey has three kids, 4 year-old Levi, 3 year-old Vida and 4 month old Livingston, and he takes great delight in making up his own stories for them too.

Check out another great Matthew McConaughey Mud clip

“What you learn when you have kids is that they think four-dimensionally,” the 43 year-old said. “I’ll tell them the story about a cheetah that ran and became friends with a horse and then a river came through and they were separated. Then I’ll go, ‘The end.’ But Levi [replies], ‘Well no, the cheetah grew wings and flew back over the river.’ There’s no ending, so it’s on and on and on!” Mud comes out in the US this weekend, April 26th.