HBO Go's live streaming servers could give no more on Sunday evening (March 9, 2014), such was the demand for the finale episode of 'True Detective'. Nic Pizzolatto's acclaimed crime-drama series has gained a huge dedicated following since its premiere in January, and HBO were seemingly caught out, its servers buckling under the pressure.

True DetectiveMatthew Mcconaughey [L] and Woody Harrelson [R] in 'True Detective'

HBO Go is an app that allows users to stream the channel's shows onto phones, tablets and computers. The problem may lie in the fact that HBO Go users can give out their log-in details to friends and family, and, as the Washington Post reports, there are no publically available metrics on the ratio of users per HBO Go accoubts.

After Sunday's crash, Hypable's Andrew Sims said: "There's one glaring issue that was made clear tonight: People who subscribe to HBO are screwed when GO crashes because those who are leeching off of their friends' accounts are bringing the servers to a screeching halt . HBO should at least set up a couple of rules for GO as they move forward. For example, there should be a rule that only two people can be logged into an account simultaneously. This will help control the number of people who are using GO at any given time, and HBO can design their server capacity to ensure a crash won't happen."

Back in January, HBO CEO Richard Pepler told Buzzfeed that he isn't concerned with users sharing their passwords.

"It's not that we're unmindful of it, it just has no impact on the business," he said.

True DetectiveIt Seems Neither Harrelson, nor McConaughey Will Be Back For Season 2

"I see HBO was playing the long game here. Get people hooked on their shows who aren't cable subscribers, then crash HBO-Go. Brilliant," tweeted Eric Schultz after Sunday's crash. 

Could there have been sinister forces at play with the True Detective crash?

Pizzolato has confirmed he is busy writing True Detective season 2 but Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson will not almost certainly not return.

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