Jon HammBryan Cranston
How About Jon Hamm [L] and Bryan Cranston [R]?

Bryan Cranston & Jon Hamm

Bryan Cranston and Jon Hamm are responsible for the lead characters in two of TV’s favorite shows: Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Cranston’s role as Walter White bought him infamy as the show rumbled through 5 seasons, culminating at breakneck speed. Hamm’s Don Draper is still going, with Mad Men season 7 set to hit screens in April. The pair are highly respected, and would demand the attention of any network should they express an interest. Cranston has moved from TV to movies, with roles in Black is The Night and Godzilla upcoming in 2014, but HBO’s knock is louder than most.

Casey AffleckJoaquin Phoenix
Casey Affleck [L] and Pal Joaquin Phoenix [R[ Could Form a Formidable Partnership

Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix

Like McConaughey and Harrelson, these two are buddies. Joaquin Phoenix’s ostensible public breakdown was part of Affleck’s documentary I’m Still Here. They’re both young guys, too, and will recognize the value of well-written TV, something Pizzolatto has proven he can produce. Affleck turned in a strong performance as the little brother of Christian Bale in Out of The Furnace, which, despite receiving mixed reviews, was widely considered to be a brilliantly acted film. Phoenix has most recently been seen in Her, Spike Jonze’s romantic dystopia.

Tom HanksPaul Dano
How About Tom Hanks [L] and Paul Dano [R] as True Detectives?

Tom Hanks and Paul Dano

Perhaps a leftfield choice, but if the dynamic between Rust and Mart is to continue – that of a strange, eerie presence and a struggling traditionalist – then Hanks and Dano have the requisite abilities to fulfill that. Most will say Hanks is too big a movie star to commit to a TV show, but Harrelson and Spacey weren’t exactly minnows when they signed up to the small screen. And both have benefitted enormously from the change of medium. Dano, on the other hand, is ripe for extended exploration. He seems like the type of actor who would relish with 8 solid hours of development, and we’d love to see what he could do with that kind of room to maneuver.

Sebastian ArcelusLupita Nyongo
How About 'House of Cards' Star Sebastian Arcelus [L] and Lupita Nyong'o [R]?

Sebastian Arcelus and Lupita Nyong’o

See, what we’ve done here is pick out two brilliant performances, thrust the actors together and hope it’ll fly. Sebastian Arcelus has come into his own in the second season of House of Cards after his character Lucas Goodwin faced up to the seriousness of his situation. Nyong’o was unforgettable as Patsy in 12 Years a Slave. It’s true that Nyong’o will have Hollywood offers filling her agent’s inbox like never before, but then again, television is providing its strongest pull to date. Nyong’o’s raw talent and noteriety for 12 Years – something that could exponentially rise come March 2nd – combined with Arcelus’s growing repuation for the small screen could make this a TV pairing to be reckoned with.

Giancarlo EspositoChristian Bale
Giancarlo Esposito [L] and Christian Bale [R] Would Be A Huge Coup For HBO

Giancarlo Esposito and Christian Bale

Why not end with a bang? Of course, there is probably 0.0012% chance of this happening, but with Esposito (Gus from Breaking Bad) not up to much since his spectacular exit in season 4, and Bale basically ready to do anything he wants now he’s no longer charged with Gotham, this could be a match made in TV heaven. If cult TV hero status and pure Hollywood cache were ever to cross swords, this it the pairing we’d like to see attempt it.