For six seasons, 'Glee' followed the story of high school misfits who found their place in a Glee Club, learning to accept one another despite their differences and finding their voice when, without the club, it would have likely been drowned out and ignored. It was an inspirational series from Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, and brought a number of big name stars to the small screen including Lea Michele, Darren Criss and the late Cory Monteith.

Matthew Morrison starred as teacher Will Scheuster in 'Glee'Matthew Morrison starred as teacher Will Scheuster in 'Glee'

Another star from the series is Matthew Morrison, who played teacher Will Schuester; a man who also headed up the Glee Club. Since the show ended he's moved on to other projects and enjoyed a variety of success. He still hails the success of 'Glee' to much of the freedoms that queer youths experience today, however.

"People who're younger back then and were trying to figure out things for themselves, now they're in college or as young adults are fully aware and proud of who they are," he explained to Gay Times. "They have a voice and I feel now they are truly appreciative of that show.

"I feel like my perfect idea of that show is a family sitting down and watching that show, and they'd have a conversation about it after it's finished. There's so many issues that we tackled and never hid away from that - like being gay in high school; being bullied; teenage pregnancy. It was so many points that families can sit down and discuss.

"In my perfect world, it opened a lot of conversations, tough conversations, in places that might never have been had before that show."

It's certainly true that in today's world, the LGBT+ community has a voice stronger than ever before, and some of that of course has to do with shows such as 'Glee' which made previously taboo topics such as sexuality a platform and the right to be openly discussed without hesitation.

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Creator of the series Ryan Murphy has to be thanked for that, allowing youths to find themselves through his various series and chasing their dreams. This sentiment from Morrison is one that will be echoed for the foreseeable future.