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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Challenges Matthew Perry To School Playground Fight "Rematch"

Matthew Perry

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has taken to social media to challenge actor Matthew Perry to a “re-match”, after Perry recently revealed that used to beat up the politician during their school days.

The 47 year old former ‘Friends’ star grabbed headlines late last month when he revealed that he used to bully Trudeau and even fought him in the playground when he was only ten years old, as they both attended Rockcliffe Park Public School in Ottawa, Canada.

Trudeau used April Fool’s Day to unleash a tongue-in-cheek hitback at Perry, expressing his apparent keenness to “punch” the actor and challenging him to a duel.

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Is London Life Wearing Matthew Perry Out?

Matthew Perry

It seems that London life clearly isn't for everybody as 'Friends' star Matthew Perry looked particularly worse for wear as he appeared on an interview with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on 'This Morning' today (March 22nd 2016) to discuss his new play 'The End Of Longing'.

Matthew PerryMatthew Perry has looked better

Bloated, unshaven and with his mass of grey hair untidily slicked back, the actor looked very much in need of a rest as he arrived at the studios for 'This Morning' to talk about his latest project. Many fans took to social media accusing him of slurring his words, and suggesting that his dishevelled appearance could be down to a many years of drug addiction while he worked on 'Friends'. But then, it's more likely he's just super tired.

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Matthew Perry Joins 'The Kennedys -After Camelot' Cast As Ted Kennedy

Matthew Perry Katie Holmes

Former ‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry has joined the cast of Reelz miniseries ‘The Kennedys — After Camelot’ as Ted Kennedy. Perry will star as the younger brother of JFK, opposite Katie Holmes who will reprise her role as former First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Matthew PerryMatthew Perry has been cast in 'The Kennedys -After Camelot'.

In a statement Muse Entertainment president Michael Prupas said: “We are privileged to have an actor of Matthew Perry’s stature and ability take on the role of such a complex and controversial figure as Ted Kennedy.”

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The Friends 'Reunion' Happened And Director James Burrows Spoke About Ross And Rachel

Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox Matt Le Blanc Matthew Perry David Schwimmer Lisa Kudrow

The much anticipated reunion of everyone’s favourite 1990s sitcom stars finally arrived with the cast of Friends getting back together for NBC’s Tribute to James Burrows on Sunday. All of the Friends minus Matthew Perry, at least.

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston led the tribute to James Burrows alongside her Friends co-stars

Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow all appeared together in the two-hour tribute that included clips from the respected director’s large roster of shows.

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The One Where They Reunited: What Happened During The 'Friends' Reunion

Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox Lisa Kudrow Matt Le Blanc Matthew Perry

Last night the cast of ‘Friends’ (minus Matthew Perry) reunited for a one-off special honouring director James Burrows. While it might not have been the full reunion that fans wanted, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc and David Schwimmer were all on hand to spill secrets from the series, over a decade after they said goodbye for good.

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Matthew Perry's Play 'The End Of Longing' Leaves Critics Longing For It To End

Matthew Perry

Perhaps Matthew Perry should have opted for ‘Friends’ reunion after all, as his new play opened to a number of poor reviews this week.

‘The End of Longing’, a play he wrote and in which he starred as lead character, got its premiere in London’s West End on Thursday evening (February 11th), and while it got a standing ovation from those in attendance, critics were not so impressed.

Matthew PerryMatthew Perry doing promotional work for 'The End of Longing'

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'Friends' Reunited: See The Show's Cast (Minus Matthew Perry) Pictured Together For The First Time In Years

Matthew Perry Kaley Cuoco Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox Lisa Kudrow David Schwimmer Matt Le Blanc

The cast of ‘Friends’ have been pictured together for the first time in years, as part of an NBC event to honour TV director James Burrows. David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox were all present, with only Matthew Perry notably absent. However the group did find three interesting replacements for their missing cast member.

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Matthew Perry's 'Odd Couple' Remake Will Hit CBS This Fall

Matthew Perry

CBS has had a major shakeup of its programming by ordering 5 new dramas and 2 new comedies.

One of the new shows will see the return of Matthew Perry to the small screen in a remake of the 1970’s television series, ‘The Odd Couple.’

The 'Friends' star will portray the character Oscar Madison in the multi-camera comedy, which was first introduced as a Broadway play, before being adapted for TV.

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Why We Definitely Don't Need A 'Friends' Reunion

Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox Matthew Perry

Twenty years ago we welcomed ‘Friends’ on to our television screens and ten years ago we bid the series an emotional farewell. But for some fans, the decade of laughs the show provided simply wasn't enough and talk of a ‘Friends’ reunion still persists, most recently when a faked poster appeared on twitter. The question is, why? Surely when the show gave us such a perfect ending, a ‘Friends’ reunion would just be a really really bad idea.

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston Played Rachel Green on Friends

With the constant re-runs, we’ve never really been able to escape ‘Friends’ since it ended a decade ago and we’re not really complaining. The show has that comfortable familiarity with the viewer that ever sitcom strives for and when watching a re-run who hasn't thought ‘I wonder what these guys are up to now’? But that thought should really be followed by a somber slice of pure logic, a reunion just wouldn't be feasible. When the show began, the characters were in their mid twenties, figuring out their lives by way of failed relationships and jobs. Creator Marta Kauffman put it perfectly saying, ‘Friends was about that time in your life when your friends are your family.’ Bar Ross who was already one divorce in by the first series and also became a father, the ‘Friends’ gang were all initially free of serious relationships and children. As the show progressed we got the Ross and Rachel on and off saga and Monica and Chandler’s friendship blossoming into romance. Now, well, they’d all be over 40. Monica and Chandler would be raising the twins and Ross and Rachel would have a 12 year old daughter. So its difficult to imagine how the characters could be the same personalities we’d grown to love. Could you really imagine Phoebe being that ditzy pushing 50 or Joey being, well Joey, now well into his 40s? It would all just seem a little far fetched.

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Friends 2014 Reunion Rumour Enrages Fans. Are We Doing This Again?

Lisa Kudrow Jennifer Aniston Matt Le Blanc David Schwimmer Courteney Cox Matthew Perry

The rumour of the Friends 2014 return is doing the rounds again and seems to be as unfounded as ever. Fake reunion movie and episode posters are once again circling the internet and simultaneously driving hardcore Friends fans wild as well as provoking a collective cry of "just let it go already!!"

Jennifer AnistonDavid Schwimmer
The 'Friends' Reunion Rumours Seem To Be Unfounded For Now.

Fans of the show are divided into two camps: those who salivate at every tidbit of reunion gossip, ready to jump back on the sofa for those first jangly strains of 'I'll Be There For You,' and those who for whatever reason, feel the franchise is best left at its rather neat finale which aired in May 2004 and are perfectly content with their Burj Khalifa-rivalling skyscraper of all ten Friends box sets.

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Matthew Perry Defends Drug Addiction In Peter Hitchens 'Newsnight' Clash [Video]

Matthew Perry Jeremy Paxman

Matthew Perry has marked a temporary shift from comedy acting by moving into the more serious spheres of political debate and current affairs. The Friends actor appeared on the BBC's news analysis programme Newsnight last night (16th Dec.) to defend his views on drug addiction and specialist courts.

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry Appeared On 'Newsnight' To Defend His Views On Drugs.

Perry, 44, has battled drug addiction with stays in rehab since the late 90s and was invited on the programme as part of a of a debate on specialist courts - in which former addicts sit as lay magistrates dealing with abuse-related crimes. Perry firmly argued for the use of specialist courts, saying "I know that they work. People that go through drug court have a 55% less chance of ever seeing handcuffs ever again."

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CBS Teaming Up With Matthew Perry To Remake Beloved TV Series The Odd Couple

Matthew Perry

Can we get three cheers for The Odd Couple returning to television? Not only that, according to TV Guide, the CBS reboot of the beloved classic will be co-written by and star Matthew Perry. We caven’t seen the hilarious actor in any significant TV roles since the Friends days, so for 90s kids, this is pretty much a dream come true.

Matthew Perry, The Grove
Let's see if Perry can do this old favorite justice.

The Odd Couple story has had a long and illustrious history. It started out as a highly successful 1965 Broadway show by Neil Simon. The story of two polar opposite roommates was then remade into a movie in 1968, starring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon and finally ended up as a TV show in the 70s. The series ran between 1970 and 1975 on ABC and starred Jack Klugman and Tony Randall.

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Matthew Perry & Lisa Kudrow Address 'Friends' Reunion Speculation

Matthew Perry Lisa Kudrow Jennifer Aniston Piers Morgan Courteney Cox

Filling in for British host Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan Live on 26th July, Friends star Matthew Perry, AKA Chandler Bing, took over hosting responsibilities, showing off his natural talent for comedy in an interview with Friends co-star, Lisa Kudrow. In Perry's opening monologue during which he assesses how he and Morgan are different, he introduces his rather familiar first interviewee: "she beautiful, she's intelligent, she's hilarious and if memory serves she owes me, errr...47 dollars[...]you may remember her as being the second funniest cast member on Friends" as Kudrow's laughter filters through from offscreen.

Lisa Kudrow
Kudrow: Could She & Perry Form Their Own Splinter Version Of Friends?

The pair joked and bantered like old times, having spent ten seasons on the popular sitcom which charted the lives of a group of friends living in Manhattan. The pair also revealed that, if it were up to them, the show that broadcast its final episode in 2004 wouldn't have ended as soon as it did. "If I had a time machine, I would like to go back to 2004 and not have stopped," admitted Perry who has been seen most recently on the now cancelled 2012 NBC comedy, Go On. The unofficial Friends. The One With The Reunion Image has been floating around for months on Twitter, stirring up a frenzy but it's pretty clear no sneaky efforts are being made to produce more episodes under the radar.

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The World's Favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunite On Ellen

Jennifer Aniston Matthew Perry Courteney Cox Ellen Degeneres Portia De Rossi

Jennifer Aniston got to co-host The Ellen Degeneres Show this week and gave us all a mini Friends reunion in the process. In the slightly awkward, slightly confusing bit, Aniston was nervous about the gig and she naturally went to her former co-star Matthew Perry for some sage advice. Except Perry wasn’t exactly thrilled to see her at the door, at 8AM no less. And when Aniston objected that they “used to do walk into each other’s apartments all the time”, Perry made a valid point (which went straight to the hearts of Friends fans).

Jennifer Anniston. Yogalosophy Release Party
Anniston was apparently the brains behind the reunion.

"That was a TV show," he counters. "We haven't actually seen each other in a really long time. Like eight years."

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Jennifer Aniston Co-Hosting "Ellen" Turns Into A Mini Friends Reunion

Matthew Perry Ellen Degeneres Portia De Rossi

Well, the long awaited Friends reunion finally happened, though probably not in the way fans of the show had hoped. It might have been a three-minute sketch with just three of the show’s stars, but hey, we take what we can get. The occasion was Jennifer Aniston’s gig co-hosting The Ellen Degeneres Show.

The premise was pretty simple – Jen is nervous and so she goes to seek hosting advice from a veteran – her longtime pal and Friends co-star, Matthew Perry. Except Perry is not really in the mood to talk (“Maybe you shouldn’t show up at somebody’s house at 8AM and you should call first”) To Jen’s dismay, things have changed between the Friends, or maybe, as Perry hints, they were never really all that friendly and it was all just an act for the cameras. Except that’s when Courteney Cox (aka Monica) comes out of his house and the, ahem, stuff hits the fan.

“Court!” Aniston exclaims.

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Jennifer Aniston Cupping Marks Reveal Chinese Treatment

Jennifer Aniston Friends Matthew Perry David Schwimmer

When we first heard of these Jennifer Aniston cupping marks, we thought it was another prank, played by her playful finance, Justin Theroux. But as it turns out, the ancient Chinese practice helps circulation to neck, shoulder pain, and detoxes the body.

So when the 44-year-old Friends star hit the red carpet for the Los Angeles screening of Call Me Crazy in a backless dress, the ‘cupping marks’ were there for all to see. And despite their ample health benefits, they’re not pretty to look at. She’s not the only one though; Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson and David Arquette are all fellow celebrity cuppers. Sounds weird. Given Theroux’s penchant for ‘trickery’, we were justified in thinking it was a prank. Well, he calls it trickery. But he’s constantly hiding behind drapes. And I’m constantly scared. It’s like it doesn’t get old on me…’ explained Aniston to Ellen DeGeneres on her show.

Jennifer AnistonOuted cupper - Aniston

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90s Kids Look Away Now: There Will Be No Friends Reunion.

Courteney Cox Friends Matthew Perry Jennifer Aniston Lisa Kudrow Matt Le Blanc David Schwimmer

Did someone say “Friends reunion”? Technically, loads of people, but no one official. Sadly for all the devoted fans of the series (and there are definitely still a bunch of those around), the show’s co-creator Marta Kaufman has not only dismissed the current rumors, but she said a reunion of the 90s sitcom is never going to happen, Fox News reports. Well, that was a harsh letdown for everyone.

The buzz started earlier this week when reports surfaced that not only was a Friends reunion likely, but NBC had already confirmed the deal. There was even a photoshopped poster thrown into the mix, advertising “The One With The Reunion”, due to hit screens on Thanksgiving 2014. Kaufman, however, had this to say: “’Friends’ was about that time in your life when your friends are your family, and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore.”

According to her, now that the characters have families of their own, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey and Chandler are past their coffee shop days. Even the most devoted Friends fans can probably see how that makes sense, but the nostalgia still lives on. Warner Bros. also dismissed reports that a “Friends” movie was in development, telling Zap2it there is no “Friends”-related project being worked on by the studio. Harsh. But hey, maybe that means it's time for a re-watch.

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Wait, Did Courteney Cox Just Promise Nudity For Cougar Town Season 4?

Courteney Cox Matt Le Blanc Jennifer Aniston David Schwimmer Matthew Perry

Either Courteney Cox is really going all out to drum up support for season four of Cougar Town, or the TBS comedy-drama just became a whole lot more, well, adult. Speaking at the Television Critics Association panel for the show, Cox joked, "You will not see one scene that I don't show my boobs. You know what? I'm getting older, so I've decided at this point I'm taking less focus off the face, and focusing [on my chest]. By the time I'm much older, I will just be absolutely nude. I think it's gonna work for me, I hope."

Though the comments were taken as tongue-in-cheek, there may be truth in what the former Friends actress promised for Cougar Town. During an upcoming episode, the actress and on-screen love interest Josh Hopkins strip down during a "naked day" to spice up their marriage. "I did know in advance [but] I did not take advantage of the time I had to know," she told Us Weekly about preparing for the nude scenes. "Lighting is everything! I'm not kidding. You could walk into a room and go, 'Wow! I look great today.' And one step further, you're like, 'Oh my God, I look horrible!"

Only time will tell whether Cougar Town has maintained its popularity, though Cox has a couple of tricks up her sleeve as insurance should the ratings slip. She's already roped in her former Friends co-stars Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston in past seasons, though reveals she's working on doing something with Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. "I'd love to see the rest of the cast," she said, adding, "I catch re-runs of Friends and I don't remember even being there. I'm like, 'That is funny!"

Is Matthew Perry Back? ‘Go On’ Scores Solid Ratings Again

Matthew Perry Aaron Sorkin Jj Abrams

Matthew Perry may very well be ‘back’. The 43-year-old – of course best known for his long running turn as Chandler in ‘Friends’ – can currently be seen in new NBC comedy ‘Go On’, which is scoring very solid ratings.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show pulled in 9.3 million viewers for its third week, hardly down on the first two episodes at all. He’s launched several shows since ‘Friends’, though ‘Go On’ is looking like a keeper. The half-hour ‘dramedy’ follows Perry’s character Ryan King – a sportscaster who tries to move on from the loss of his wife in group therapy. So why is ‘Go On’ succeeding when ‘Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip’ (written by Aaron Sorkin) and ‘Mr Sunshine’ (not written by Aaron Sorkin) failed? Well, Jesse Carp of appeared to hit the nail on the head by suggesting, “A little bit Role Models, Community and even My Name is Earl (the reluctant lead helping oddballs in a group situation), Go On has carved a niche that seems both old and new, which is perhaps the perfect mix to snag viewers as well as produce the kind of quality comedy not always found (or sustained) on network television.” Proving that he’s equally adept at handling the drama as well as the comedy, Perry could really be onto something with his latest offering.

Elsewhere in the ratings this week, Jj Abrams new NBC show ‘Revolution’ – about life without electricity – pulled in 11.7 million viewers. Though great news for network bosses, the drama was clearly given a helping hand by lead-in ‘The Voice’, which boasted 13.4 million viewers.

Numb Review

Matthew Perry introduces us to yet another medical malady that apparently occurs only in the movies: After smoking too much pot, he becomes alienated from the outside world and even his own body and is diagnosed with "depersonalization disorder." The "numb" of the title refers to his utter lack of care about anything that happens around him, and he has to really work at trying to interact with other people.

Which makes the fact that Numb has a romance at its core all the stranger: Perry's Hudson is a high-power screenwriter and before long he's dating Sarah (Lynn Collins), a studio exec who is taken with him when Hudson and partner Tom (Kevin Pollak) drop by to pitch her a script. It's unclear why she's smitten by the nearly catatonic Hudson... though the way Perry plays it, Hudson seems to be able to come and go from his semi-coma at will.

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