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17th October 2016

Quote: "I did 212 episodes of Friends. Bruce Willis did three and he won the Emmy." Matthew Perry thinks he should have won more accolades for his time on the hit U.S. sitcom.

22nd January 2016

Quote: "They say as an actor you're on stage and you're naked, but as a playwright, you also feel naked, so I do feel doubly naked a lot of the time. The way I approach the rehearsals with the rest of the cast is that I stay open to their ideas." Actor-turned-playwright Matthew Perry is busy tweaking his production The End of Longing before it opens in London next month (Feb16).

15th January 2016

Quote: "I knew it would be a success and that we had something special, but I didn't know the giant hit it would become." Matthew Perry was surprised by the runaway success of his 1990s sitcom Friends.

20th August 2015

Quote: "If an alcoholic comes up to me and says, 'Will you help me stop drinking?' I will say, 'Yes, I know how to do that'." Former FRIENDS star Matthew Perry's battle with alcoholism has helped make him the perfect counsellor for someone struggling with addiction.

17th June 2015

Fact: Lisa Kudrow presented her former FRIENDS co-star Matthew Perry with a special honour from Phoenix House, a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation organisation, on Monday night (15Jun15). The actor received the 2015 Phoenix Rising Award in recognition for his work with the charity and recovering addicts. Perry has been to a rehab facility several times over the years to tackle his previous problems with drug and alcohol abuse.

3rd April 2015

Quote: "Mila Kunis. I'm sort of fixated on her. What do you mean, why? Because she's cute! She's not available?" Matthew Perry reveals his celebrity crush is Ashton Kutcher's gorgeous partner.

26th March 2015

Quote: "At five o'clock in the morning my eyes just pop open... I just wake up at that time... I figured, 'There won't be any traffic, there won't be anybody in the casino - I'll go and I'll gamble for a little bit', and then some jerk took my picture... The whole story was that I lost a lot of money, but then two days later I went and I won a lot of money and no one took a picture of that." Actor Matthew Perry was annoyed when someone took his photo during an early morning gambling session and posted the image online.

17th February 2015

Quote: "It was a fascinating trip because no one... recognised me... Friends is all over the place and usually I get recognised, and I kind of looked at it like a nice break... No one was staring at me or asking for my picture or anything, and it was really great, until I wanted something... As soon as I wanted something, I realised that fame is kind of great." Friends star Matthew Perry has mixed feelings about his anonymity during a recent trip to Hong Kong.

10th May 2013

Fact: Matthew Perry's Tv career has been dealt a new blow - his latest sitcom, Go On, has been axed after just one season. The show, about a sportscaster who enrols in group therapy after losing his wife, joins his previous series, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, among his failed projects since the end of Friends in 2004.

11th April 2013

Fact: Former Friends star Matthew Perry has a Red Bull drinks dispenser at his Hollywood Hills home.

21st February 2013

Fact: Former Friends star Matthew Perry has suffered a loss on the property market after selling his three-bedroom Hollywood Hills home for $4.7 million (£2.9 million) - $1 million (£625,000) less than his original asking price.

14th November 2012

Quote: "I asked him to be on the show and he said yes. But maybe he was just being polite." Matthew Perry is still waiting for David Beckham to sign on for his new Tv comedy Go On.

18th September 2012

Quote: "I had season tickets for the Kings twice in my life - in 1993 and this year - and both of those times they went to the finals." Actor Matthew Perry is convinced he's a lucky charm for ice hockey champions the Los Angeles Kings.

13th September 2012

Quote: "You're talking about six of the luckiest people in the history of the planet. Please! Everyone should be so cursed." Actor Matthew Perry on reports a curse haunts the stars of TV hit Friends.

12th June 2012

Fact: Soccer ace David Beckham, The Sopranos star James Gandolfini and Friends actor Matthew Perry were among the ice hockey fans who turned out in Los Angeles on Monday night (11Jun12) to see the L.A. Kings triumph 6-1 over the New Jersey Devils in Game 6 to win the Stanley Cup.

7th June 2012

Fact: Ice hockey fans Kate Hudson, Cuba Gooding, JR., Matthew Perry, Charlie Sheen and movie mogul Jerry Bruckheimer were among the stars who attended the Stanley Cup final clash between the New Jersey Devils and Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (06Jun12).

20th February 2012

Fact: Former Friends star Matthew Perry is returning to TV for a recurring role on hit legal drama The Good Wife. The actor will join Julianna Margulies on the show and portray an attorney from Chicago investigating a police shooting.

23rd February 2011

Quote: "At a (Los Angeles) Dodgers game I said, 'I'll give $50 to the person who brings me the first pretzel,' which I thought would be fun but it didn't happen." Matthew Perry insists alerts don't work for every celebrity.

11th February 2011

Quote: "I kinda like it." Actor Matt LeBlanc has no qualms about his actress girlfriend Andrea Anders kissing former FRIENDS co-star Matthew Perry on his new TV comedy Mr. Sunshine.

11th February 2011

Fact: The executive producer of Matthew Perry's new TV comedy MR. SUNSHINE is the former Friends star's ex-girlfriend JAMIE TARSES.

10th February 2011

Quote: "I was pretty good... My doubles team was ranked third in the country. When you're 13, that's a big huge deal." Actor Matthew Perry was a tennis phenomenon in his native Canada.

9th February 2011

Quote: "I was a huge Lost fanatic. I miss it... That's my favourite thing in the history of entertainment." Matthew Perry was a big fan of TV drama LOST.

8th February 2011

Quote: "Obviously, none of that has anything to do with any decisions I would make. We are just warming the bench. They are being very nice and sitting aside for a little while. My hope is there will be room for all of it next year." Matthew Perry on the fact his new TV comedy MR. SUNSHINE temporarily replaces his TV wife Courteney Cox's show Cougar Town when it debuts in America on Wednesday (09Feb11).

8th February 2011

Quote: "I found out that he, when he checks into a hotel... he uses Chandler Bing... Gotta find a new one, pal." Matthew Perry on JUSTIN BIEBERs pseudonym - his character from FRIENDS.

21st January 2011

Quote: "It would be my heaven to have every single Lost actor on the show." FRIENDS star Matthew Perry on his Lost obsession. Series star Jorge Garcia is a guest on his new show Mr. Sunshine.

28th September 2010

Fact: Pop star Nick Jonas is set for a guest role on former FRIENDS star Matthew Perry's new TV show MR. SUNSHINE. The Jonas Brothers pin-up will play a demanding pop singer called Eli White in the series, which features Perry as the boss of a sports arena.

4th August 2010

Quote: "I think my 40s are going to be great... I did all that buying sportscar (stuff). I had my mid-life crisis when I was like 25. Now, I'm sort of coasting along." Former FRIENDS star Matthew Perry was pleased to turn 40 last year (09).

18th April 2009

Quote: "We don't see each other that often. I see Lisa Kudrow from time to time... You would think we would run into each other more often, Hollywood's not that big a place." Actor Matthew Perry admits he has lost contact with his former FRIENDS co-stars.

31st May 2008

Quote: "My favourite line is to go up to a girl who's wearing a pretty dress and say, 'You know, I had to come talk to you because I have the same outfit.' If she laughs, there's potential. If she doesn't, I go home - and put on a pretty dress!" Former FRIENDS star Matthew Perry reveals his favourite chat up line.

15th November 2007

Fact: There was a FRIENDS reunion on the picket line of the Hollywood writers strike on Tuesday (13Nov07) when former co-stars Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry joined protestors in Los Angeles. Ben Stiller, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Desperate Housewives stars Nicollette Sheridan and Felicity Huffman were also among the celebrities on the picket line.

18th October 2006

Quote: "It bodes well for me." Matthew Perry pokes fun at press reports he's dating former FRIENDS star JENNIFER ANISTON.

14th September 2006

Quote: "I guess I'm back on TV because the script was so good and The Whole Ten Yards was so bad." Matthew Perry on why he decided to return to TV and star in his new series STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP.

12th September 2006

Quote: "Halle Berry at some Screen Actors Guild Awards thing. Of course, if we ever got married, her name would be Halle Berry-Perry." Matthew Perry when asked who is the most beautiful woman he's ever laid his eyes on.

12th September 2006

Quote: "It's odd being a 37-year-old heterosexual male who owns nothing but Sarah Mclachlan and Tori Amos." Matthew Perry on his penchant for highly emotional music by female singers.

7th September 2006

Fact: It pays to date former FRIENDS star Matthew Perry - the actor has recruited reported girlfriend Lauren Graham to play herself on his new TV series STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP.

8th May 2006

Fact: Michael J Fox raised $1.2 million (GBP686,000) for his Parkinson's Disease Foundation on Thursday night (04MAY06) when he hosted a star-studded party at a private Beverly Hills mansion. Guests included Matthew Perry while Aimee Mann performed live.

31st March 2006

Fact: Meg Ryan's ex-boyfriend and CINDERELLA MAN star Craig Bierko was originally offered the chance to play CHANDLER BING on Friends but passed on the role. Matthew Perry was the second choice to play the comical sitcom star.

20th February 2006

Fact: <p>Matthew Perry, Shakira, Jason Mraz and The Donnas were among the stars who turned out to see British singer/songwriter James Blunt when he performed at the House of Blues in Los Angeles last week (ends17FEB06). </p>

26th October 2005

Fact: <p>Friends funnyman Matthew Perry is getting serious to star in a new TV movie about a real-life teacher working at one of Manhattan, New York's toughest schools. The actor will take the lead role in THE RON CLARK STORY. </p>

9th September 2005

Fact: <p>The stars are getting hooked on rockers INXS' US reality TV search for a singer - Matthew Perry, Seth Green and ELLEN DeGENERES have been spotted in the audience at select shows, while film-maker Quentin Tarantino has reportedly admitted to a crush on contestant JORDIS UNGA. </p>

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